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Just an Instance

Dear Reader,

Lately it has been quite an eye-opener. It’s not that I just realised this, I’ve known it for a long time, but one can see the health of a person by the health of their garden. In this case, I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally or physically, continuelly beating myself up for things that perhaps wouldn’t make sense to those around me. A kind of enigma.

When I get this way, when I am suffering, it is apparent in all the things around me. My dog runs off, my plants become sickly or wilted, and my body just aches from being wounded internally.

I have been fighting this part of me for a long time, and it has been in the garden that I find the most solace. I have mentioned before about my friend, who has helped me a lot the past month in doing things in the garden that I just don’t take the initiative to do. There are things that I want to accomplish, however, I feel intimidated or that I don’t have the jurisdiction to do such things because it isn’t part of the ‘master plan’.

To be quite honest, I want to make some changes in the garden without having to ask anyone. There’s a certain sense of fear that I may make a mistake. What are mistakes but stepping stones to knowledge?! The thing about having my friend from Oregon so close is that he gives me the confidence to do things that I wouldn’t normally do. Making decisions without the fear of reciprication in the wrong way.

This post is simply to state that there is a lot of things that I still wish to change in myself, and I think that if I tend to what I know and gain the knowledge that I seek, I will be able to do this physically in the garden. Seeing the objective changes in the garden kills me inside. But there is also one other thing…

I am currently the only one taking care of about a quarter acre(?not actually sure… a very large area). I mean, there is another person that is here that does things, but they are practically usless (sorry not sorry) because they need to be held by their hand.

There’s not much that can be done about this except put it up on the community board, because that’s where all of the tasks are. It’s not a bad thing I suppose, but perhaps it is a stressful part of what I do because it is an added responsiblity that I never signed up for. But is it my fault for knowing how things run around here? Or what…? I don’t exactly know.

All-in-all, I think that leaving would be the wrong idea. Staying isn’t that great of an idea in-itself. But I shall, because that is what is expected of me. There isn’t much that I can do, and absolutely nowhere that I am able to go, which inlies the problem.

I’ll just suck it up, Dear Reader, and pray that my situation gets better. Thank you for reading.


Trial and Error

This last week has been very relaxed. And honestly, probably too much so. My boss has been on vacation, leaving me and my co-worker to tend everything. Although it isn’t extremely difficult, I find that it is a lot easier when he is around. Sometimes, being too responsible for things becomes uncomfortable.

I have been dreaming about taking a little vacation myself. However, I find that it’s hard to leave this place when there is so much to do. I know that I have plants here that I don’t want to see perish and leaving them is probably not the best thing, but as they say, Dear Reader, “You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

The reason I’m creating this post is because I tried to install a Linux Operating System on my co-worker’s computer. I ended up creating an error code that I had to fix. (Which took me three days!) Having the power to change things is one thing, but if you don’t know what how to use that power, well, a lot of things can go wrong.

I think this concept can be understood with all facets of life.

Questions I’m Falling Asleep To…

I have been practicing Archery, Dear Reader. And if there is anything that I have learned so far, it is that sometimes life gives you a target, it is always a good idea to take your time and measure out all the possibilities. There is always a variable. And taking it all in to account will make your aim that much more true.

It constantly happens in my life. There is always a goal to be reached and a barrier to be broken. There is always something that will make me strive to be the best, if only for the brief moments of success and recognition.

As of right now, there is not much that I want in this world. There is no one to share my life with. There is practically nothing that is holding me back from what I want to do.

But that’s just it, Dear Reader, some times, I don’t know what it is that I want to do. I have a great job that I really don’t see myself leaving for a while, and I don’t have to sleep on the streets. I have a van that is my house, and I have money to take care of my dog. What else could I want? I suppose the only answer to that question is the muse or motivation to start creating art like I used to.

But what?

I used to be so passionate about writing. I used to want to play guitar. And not that it’s a bad thing, but all I want do really do is take care of the plants that I have been taking care of for this farm. That’s basically it. For the time being, I will ponder my situation a bit further and hopefully have something to talk about that has some weight to it.

Thank you Dear Reader for your time.


Week 5: Red Savina Habanero


A photo of my Habaneros and the other various peppers that I have inside this Dome/Force-field. I took a look back on my notes, and I figured out that when I started to grow my Habaneros from seed was about 4/20/14 which makes them about five weeks(One day!). Giving you an idea of where my plants are. I’m not sure exactly how they are supposed to look or if they are really getting the proper nutrients. But I will have to see when they are about 8 weeks or so. 


These are Zucchinis that I have gotten the chance to take care of all this time and I’m actually really proud of these guys. Didn’t know that they would get so big! But here they are! The small one to the bottom right is one that I had saved. I’ve learned that these plants can become quite large and they will need some room when they are ready to transplant. If you ask me, I think they are about ready, what do you think? 

Every day is a test to see whether or not I will actually become true to my word in keeping up with learning new skills in order to incorporate into my life. Part of learning about permaculture is knowing the land around me. And knowing what I can do to incorporate myself and how. Knowing is only half the battle as they say. And if getting anywhere means final product, then there is still a long way to go. I know that there is still a lot to do. 


These are the potatoes that have grown so much! There is a little pest that I’ve been trying to deter, but I’m not sure that I have. I have been trying to plug up the tunnels that the mole (I think it’s a mole..) has made and since its been raining and I’ve been water around, I don’t think he has come back. I’m not sure how to really check if they’ve gone, but my plants seem to be doing well! At least I hope so. The spots that are missing (adjacent plants) were onions that I tried to plant, but they didn’t survive. So I have replanted some more potatoes in there place. Now the box is full of ’em!

Learning more about plants and getting to see them grow has taught me that trusting in Nature and putting in a little bit of effort can have great results if you just try! There are still things that I have to try and knowledge that I must attain before becoming a true green thumbed warrior of peace! But for now, learning how to grow produce should be enough to help satiate my quest until I can actually make Hot Sauce!

Warm like sun-rays

So this last week we were blessed even more with new plant friends. I must say that the increasing responsibility has really heightened the stress of growing, but subsequently it has made things more clear of what we have to do around here.

The property is beautiful and the soil is rich with nutrients. The air is crisp and it rains often, although not in tumultuous storms. (For this same reason it is difficult to start pepper plants because of the freezing temps. Even recently its been getting as low as 50F.) And as you might know, I’m trying to specialize in peppers. And you might also know that peppers like it hott! So you can see where most of my dilemmas reside. Other plants, like my little snow-pea, grow very well in this weather and we have other plants in abundance.

Right now I’m working with Tomatillos(as you see in the picture) Tomatoes, Zucchini, Carrots, Onions, Garlic, and Shallots. I’m trying to take care of all the ingredients that I will eventually put in to my (signature) Hott Sauce. If I haven’t expressed it enough, I’m relatively new to gardening my self, so it is kind of stressful to see my plants go through pest damage and leaf damage. But I’m going to try my hardest! Dattebayo!

Since it is my first time really getting to know the ropes, I’m trying to set some goals for myself… and it is harder than you might think. With convenience constantly at my door step, sometimes its just easier to just sit here and stay motionless. But then thinking about all the important things that I’ve told myself that I would be doing. Not only producing food, but enough skills that I could pass on to up-coming generations! The importance of spreading the awareness of Permaculture is something that I’ve also tried to share. But I’m not sure exactly what I have to offer to the movement…

But anyway Thank you Dear Reader. Now its time to set these guys up for transplanting!

Trial and Barriers

The last set of raised beds that we made here did not have chicken wire to protect them from burrowing critters. Luckily for me, however, as we were cleaning out the shop(garage) a roll of chicken wire appeared out of the blue. After looking all over the internet for a humane way to deter creatures from eating our crop, it turned out to be very simple. Barriers!

Doing this ensures no harm comes to the animal and if there is no access, they’ll most likely think that there is no food there and venture somewhere else to eat!

The potatoes and the onions that are growing in the top bed though, digging animals and all! I’ll have to take a good photo of the green that they have produced. This is my first time growing more than one thing at a time and I have to say that it is always nerve wracking to think that something is out there right now chewing on the roots of our crops! But from the looks of it, and from the looks of how it is growing, I’m not too worried. I’ve read that animals burrow are highly sensitive to vibrations so just being in the garden will deter them!

Well, now that we’ve figured out a great way to keep them out, we have the wonderful task of figuring out what we’ll be putting in! So far we’ve come up with Garlic, shallots, and a couple of tomatillos.

More photos coming soon. Thank you Dear Reader for your time.

The itteration of Cohesive relationships

What I’ve learned so far in growing my peppers, beside patience, is that there is a lot of care and involvement that needs to take place in order for them to grow healthy with the proper nutrition and the right amount of space. (I’m not that experienced… ) And like a waterfall, or a river that runs deep, there is always change.

There was also a lot to be learned when I was across the street grooming the horses. With such a massive body, you can imagine the massive body language! Understanding and allowing the horse their room and getting to know them and groom them gently enough so that they wouldn’t spook was a lesson in deed.

Dealing with plants is a completely different story, as far as danger, but the idea is the same! Getting to know them, watering them regularly, and even talking to them effects them! These are my first actual plants, and I have to say that I am really nervous. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. Soon we will be re-building our greenhouse so that my peppers will be able to have a even better home!