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Advancement Through Awareness

Dear Reader, I have been doing some thinking, and for quite a while now. Recapturing the sentiments of my last couple of posts, I got to realising that what I’m doing here on the farm is exactly the kind of ‘lifestyle’ or ‘choice’ that a lot of my peers had dreamed about. It is a way of living that many dream about but never get to actually act upon. Getting to be apart of a larger scale of sustainability and being able to work with the many facets of agriculture and permaculture is something that many people, that I have personally come across, have only talked about but have never experienced.

If you have been following this blog, you might know that I have a very firm stance against police brutality and violence. However, the subject of what we actually do when we are not protesting is never brought up in the common discourse. I understand that a lot of the time is spent organizing the next function or the next action. Fortunately for me, however, I have been given the opportunity to experience a life where I am able to learn skills and participate in the act of being a Human Being and helping others through helping myself and gaining knowledge and skills that I can offer for the whole.

Being here is something that I talked about several years ago. It would be a lie to say that, “I never imagined I would be here” because I did in fact imagine it. And, lo, I am here doing what I love the most. Taking care of plants that in turn take care of others.

If we want to truly break from the system and discontinue the perpetual acts of consumption and violence towards others, we have to break away from what we feel is comfortable for this generation of people. The cell-phones. The television. The computer. Yes, I know, you’re reading this on a computer, but hear me out. I believe that there is nothing more important then finding a niche that will benefit the health of the Earth and for those around you.

Being part of this community has taught me that there are many important things that I can be doing, there is always something that can be fixed, there is literally always something to do in the garden, and staying idle is never a good thing. There is never a dull moment or even a time to be bored. There is always some way to progress on the farm and to get through another day feeling accomplished and wanting to strive even harder or better the next. There are always prospects of advancement and eventual completion regardless of what time of year it is.

There are feelings of happiness to know that one day I will be able to return to my family a better Human. But until I have fully cultivated the person that I am becoming, the road is ever-more tedious and at times treacherous. There are always ups, but also just as many downs.

What I really want to get across, Dear Reader, is that if we want to be better as people, there has to be an exchange. Exchange of what you ask? Your valuable time. The time it takes to figure out how to work a chainsaw because eventually during winter, you’re going to be cold. To plant during the correct time in the season so that you have a crop to eat. The time to actually sit down with those you live with and talk to them about whatever it is that ails them. The time to actually notice changes in the plants that you take care of and to have enough foresight to deal with any obstacles.

By being on this farm, I have learned that there are few things that are greater then building cohesive relationships that not only matter to you, but to those around you. Building these relationships not only helps procure bonds, but also sets an example for the youth and for those around us who want the same thing. If we can not trust each other enough to invite each other in to our own houses, what good is it to be neighbors? Being responsive in a community is very important, because you never know when some one else is in need of help.

And I can take that to heart because a lot of the time, I am the one that is in need.

Thank You, Dear Reader, for your patience. I know that it has been a crazy journey. But we all get to where we are going by taking that first step.

Post Scriptum- My pepper plants are getting big! I’m going to have to find a better camera to take my photos because I scuffed up the lens on my phone. Anyway, that’s coming up next! Thanks again!


Chickens Coming Home to Roost

This phrase couldn’t be any more true. Last week we were blessed to have Walt build a chicken coop out of the scrap wood and pallets that we had strewn about. It is amazing what he can do.


He is the man! There is a lot of projects that he has done that have exceeded our expectations. And now that we have the necessary area for some chickens, I have been doing a lot of searching for the right one’s to start a flock of our own!


We have been looking at getting some Wheaten Marans, which are extremely beautiful birds that lay the coveted chocolate eggs. I never even knew that there was a colour scale for eggs! It is very exciting to think of all the amazing changes that are going on here at this farm (The Mighty Lichen). I am very proud to be a part of this team.


Thank you, Dear Reader, for you time. I will be posting as progress continues.

For the love of #Farming

Dear Reader,

It has been a long five days. And tough is an understatement. There has been so much to do that sometimes it is really hard to keep track of all the little things that need to be taken care of. I try my best to keep up, however. This year is going to be much different than last year. I can tell already for sure.

The team here is very solid. There are very many things that we are occupying our time with. I’ve finished a whole new pen for the goats so that they can start browsing on some nice green foliage.


There was a huge black berry bramble that was strangling two apple trees that we cut back. Dirt is standing there staring at this monster of a bush. We planted six more apple trees in the area that we cleared. Now, that we have finished that, we are planning to make more terraces to expand our vegetable garden.


We bought several new olive and fig trees to add to our collection. Although some of them were pretty small, there was a really mature one that I’m glad we were able to get in the ground within the week or so that we bought it. It’s a good looking tree, and I’m sure that because of it’s location, it won’t be getting eaten by the deer that ravaged our garden last year. It is a beautiful Manzanilla Olive.


Our good friend Walt who is an extremely skilled carpenter and builder has come to help us realise our dreams of making a chicken coop. It’s amazing what he can do in just two days. It’s not exactly complete, but we are looking at a another day or so. It is really great that he was able to make this with scrap wood and the extra pallets that we had been laying about taking up space.


Dirt was helping him out.



It isn’t exactly completed, but as you can see it is on it’s way to becoming a wonderful home for some chickens! The design is great because we will be able to access eggs with ease. Those roosts are going to be accessible from the back with doors that swing upwards.


All-in-all it has been very exciting to see all this progress happening for this coming year. I know that my recent posts have been more about updates, but I can’t help but feel joy about all the things that we are doing.

Post Scriptum- I hope you like my last poem, it would be nice to get some feed back. Thanks Dear Reader!

New Keys

So there is a lot that I have to talk about, Dear Reader. And most of it has to do with what I have been doing here on the farm. For the past couple of months, I have mostly been here on my own and have been doing all the work that a lot of people skipped out on by going away for the holidays and what-not. I have been here though, making every day count to the most of my abilities.

It has been raining a lot here. My boss says that we have gotten over 130% of our water for the year. And it’s only January. Which is kind of amazing. Although it is a good thing that we are getting so much water, it really puts a hold on what can be done outside.

I wish that I had photos to show off the beauty of the weather or the fullness of our ponds, but I will have to work on that.

One thing that I’m excited that the rain brings are mushrooms. Not only that, but the fact that I am able to stay inside sometimes and write. I just got a new laptop, which allows me to type things at a much greater pace, like I used to. Back when this blog was all about gardening and permaculture. I vow that it will be different now and more focused on the important matters at hand like how this farm is striving to become self-sustaining. Well, it’s early in the morning and I need a coffee.

When I figure out how to transfer photos from my phone, I will be posting them here. Thank you Dear Reader for your time.

Every Journey Begins With The First Step

The first week here on the farm had been really smooth. Before the end of this season, a lot of repairs were needed. With the lack of farmhands its nice to know I’d be needed somewhere. However, the repairs are complete.

We’ve got some new equipment so that stuff still needs to be installed all the way.

This farm has quite exceeded my presumptions of what I thought it would be like. Evolving in so many ways. Its hard to believe I was apart of the foundation. Helping build the structure to what it is now.

Being here has made me realise that there are many things, especially knowledge, that I would like to bring back home and to apply to my own land. If ever that happens.

I’m staying focused, and with the pay I can’t complain. Taking every day in stride. I appreciate all that is around me. The grapes growing up the mighty oak. The red clay that looks as if I was gardening on Mars.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time and patience. I’d have photos of the garden, but a deer has run-a-muck and there’s nothing left after the devestation. These are what’s left… It literally ate everything. Corn, peppers, sunflowers, strawberries… The whole lot!


Post Scriptum- “I read the news today, oh boy” ..  and how terrible it was. Tomorrow, August 15 2015, 25k farmers are asking permission to commit suicide from their president. It is so sad, that people are forced to go so far. My thoughts are with India.

My New Passion

I have started to travel once again, Dear Reader. I will be working at a farm that I once worked at about two years ago. I have been thinking deeply and weighing in on the future. Now I believe I know exactly what I want from my self. My legacy.

Beside growing delicious strains of hot peppers, I was asked about my future and about what I want to do with it.

It took me a while, however, I finally found my answer. Taking into account that I had tried to WWOOF in the past as a way of trying to sharpen my skills. But it was all for not, because I never made it to any of those farms. My experience was never good enough for those farms claiming to teach sustainability, but only accept people fitting specific criteria.

Never leaving room for those who don’t have the experience, but are very willing to learn and perhaps even desperate for it.

And then I began to think. A lot.

It’s through this experience that I have made it my goal to procure my own land in which I could do what I love, and at the same time create a space where those who were, or are, in that situation can gain the knowledge that may help them along their journey towards learning Permaculture or botany, or whatever it is that they are passionate for.

I believe this to be a most sincere dream that will soon be a reality. As long as I focus and continue on this path, I know that I can do it.

Going to work at this farm has made me think about a lot of things. And im sure only good things will become of it.

A bit of Foragery

A nice sized Radish with a spicy bite to it. The leaves were healthy and strong.

A nice sized Radish with a spicy bite to it. The leaves were healthy and strong.

Seeing the fruits of labor is always a wonderful thing. Understanding the patience is an integral part of the process. From start to finish, there are many parallels that shape our reality. When a thought turns into an action and finally a result. It sets in motion for me a great deal of observation of my surroundings. From the clouded panic of others, to the mysterious twitches and ticks of another, it all seems to be boiling up to something. Although at times it may seem unclear, Dear Reader.

I mentioned that I would be mending the soil of a key hole bed, which is something that has been accomplished, albeit not by my hands. The job is done well, and soon it will be host to an array of beautiful green foliage.

I wish that I had a better camera, as my Tablet is very pixelated and only has a front facing option. So it’s hard to get shots without being in them.

Thank you for stopping by Dear Reader. As I’ve claimed before, I will try and get the best photos I can. I know that it all changes so quickly, into flourishing vegetation! I love seeing all of your beautiful photos whenever I visit wordpress. They always inspire me to do more!