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For Now

This post will be brief, as I am not using my own computer.

I have been giving an opportunity to do something a bit differently this coming year. I have been dreaming for a long time now to have a place where I can do things without having to ask someone to do it. Currently, we are in Oregon and it is so beautiful up here. I haven’t been here for about 3 years. It’s great that I’ve been able to make new friends already.

Anyway, as this is going to be brief, an opportunity to be a care-giver to a 55 acre property. In short, the owners of the property have not been doing anything with it for the past 9 years. So they have let us come in and start doing whatever we think is best for the place. And we have many ideas! Which is going to be really exciting to watch as it comes to fruition within the next year. We are going to be getting more connected with the community and try to build on that first, I think.

Last week has been a real test of patience and envisioning of the future. The coming week is going to be around 13-17 degrees at night and we have the blessing of staying at a friends house for the time being. Which is nice considering that we still don’t have our shit together(so-to-speak). We do have a set plan for this place, but it is going to be about a week before we really start to get going. A lot of the buildings are derelict and each is a hazardous project to take on.

Well, I have a lot written down on my own computer, and I don’t have the wifi here at this place  (they are very selective about who they give their password to… and we really just met) so, once I am able to, I will be getting all of that posted and keep everyone updated. It’s about 2 weeks worth of material too. Don’t worry, Dear Reader, I think of you often and that’s enough to keep me going.


Recent News

It seems that the increasing amount of articles being written about Standing Rock are saying precisely what I have been writing about since I left there. What has become an increasingly problematic issue has spread from within the camp to social media outlets and thousands of users that are addressing the “colonization” at Standing Rock. It is understood that there is always a need for numbers, but when those numbers are legitimately not offering any services but in fact receiving services meant for Natives, it becomes a problem.

We need to reflect on the real reasons that we go to such movements. A lot is lost in pride and ego. And there is a lot to be learned by these reflections. I have already said before that we find ourselves at places like Standing Rock without a purpose. Trying to find one while you’re there can be simple just by asking around. But we need to dig a bit deeper than that. And we need to understand that this fight is never about ourselves, but about the future of our youth.

One of the most important aspects of this blog is making sure that the community is aware of all the obstacles that are being placed on our youth. Our children will eventually carry on our legacy, and every day I am plagued by the thought that I would have not done them justice because I was idle.

I can no longer stay idle. WE can no longer stay idle.

Advancement Through Awareness

Dear Reader, I have been doing some thinking, and for quite a while now. Recapturing the sentiments of my last couple of posts, I got to realising that what I’m doing here on the farm is exactly the kind of ‘lifestyle’ or ‘choice’ that a lot of my peers had dreamed about. It is a way of living that many dream about but never get to actually act upon. Getting to be apart of a larger scale of sustainability and being able to work with the many facets of agriculture and permaculture is something that many people, that I have personally come across, have only talked about but have never experienced.

If you have been following this blog, you might know that I have a very firm stance against police brutality and violence. However, the subject of what we actually do when we are not protesting is never brought up in the common discourse. I understand that a lot of the time is spent organizing the next function or the next action. Fortunately for me, however, I have been given the opportunity to experience a life where I am able to learn skills and participate in the act of being a Human Being and helping others through helping myself and gaining knowledge and skills that I can offer for the whole.

Being here is something that I talked about several years ago. It would be a lie to say that, “I never imagined I would be here” because I did in fact imagine it. And, lo, I am here doing what I love the most. Taking care of plants that in turn take care of others.

If we want to truly break from the system and discontinue the perpetual acts of consumption and violence towards others, we have to break away from what we feel is comfortable for this generation of people. The cell-phones. The television. The computer. Yes, I know, you’re reading this on a computer, but hear me out. I believe that there is nothing more important then finding a niche that will benefit the health of the Earth and for those around you.

Being part of this community has taught me that there are many important things that I can be doing, there is always something that can be fixed, there is literally always something to do in the garden, and staying idle is never a good thing. There is never a dull moment or even a time to be bored. There is always some way to progress on the farm and to get through another day feeling accomplished and wanting to strive even harder or better the next. There are always prospects of advancement and eventual completion regardless of what time of year it is.

There are feelings of happiness to know that one day I will be able to return to my family a better Human. But until I have fully cultivated the person that I am becoming, the road is ever-more tedious and at times treacherous. There are always ups, but also just as many downs.

What I really want to get across, Dear Reader, is that if we want to be better as people, there has to be an exchange. Exchange of what you ask? Your valuable time. The time it takes to figure out how to work a chainsaw because eventually during winter, you’re going to be cold. To plant during the correct time in the season so that you have a crop to eat. The time to actually sit down with those you live with and talk to them about whatever it is that ails them. The time to actually notice changes in the plants that you take care of and to have enough foresight to deal with any obstacles.

By being on this farm, I have learned that there are few things that are greater then building cohesive relationships that not only matter to you, but to those around you. Building these relationships not only helps procure bonds, but also sets an example for the youth and for those around us who want the same thing. If we can not trust each other enough to invite each other in to our own houses, what good is it to be neighbors? Being responsive in a community is very important, because you never know when some one else is in need of help.

And I can take that to heart because a lot of the time, I am the one that is in need.

Thank You, Dear Reader, for your patience. I know that it has been a crazy journey. But we all get to where we are going by taking that first step.

Post Scriptum- My pepper plants are getting big! I’m going to have to find a better camera to take my photos because I scuffed up the lens on my phone. Anyway, that’s coming up next! Thanks again!

Cumulative Ideas

There is a lot of emphasis on definitions lately. Being around a few forums and trying to find the best stage to host my very own ideas, I have found that there are a lot of people that would think they know everything and more. In my last post, there is a quote that I am still pondering over today. With my hobby of attaining as much information as I can about specific plants that I have started to love to grow(Peppers!) I have read and read and read, and I just want to say that it truly is hard to keep up with all the “Experts” out there. (hehe) 

What I see a lot of is gardening and great info on brilliantly crafted designs that were obviously inspired by Nature. What I don’t see is how these same designs might help bring some social justice within our communities. There is always a plan that has to do with the garden but never anything to do with our neighbours and I wanted to shine some light on this fact that there is a lot more particulars on what to focus on except Humans themselves. What I’m getting at Dear Reader, if you do come across my blog and are wondering what Permaculture is, you can read my opinion on the matter here: https://inleagueghost.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/the-idea/

But aside from my own ramblings and the current photos of the plants in the Garden, there is really just a simple read that comes once in a while, which is pretty damn cool because it lets me blow off some steam to think that there is actually someone who would listen/read. And that’s you Dear Reader. Thank you.

[two other websites: permies.com and motherearthnews.com ]

Bringing the New Cold

As each leaf starts to change their hues and the days become a little cooler, I can’t help but see all the strife that we have to face as a social animal. What I mean is that most of what I see on the web is nothing more then violence, blood, and money. Not much else unless you are specifically looking for that one thing on google. I have had a lot of time to think about what it is exactly that I’m trying to bring to the table, and it is still only as much as I can retain in my search for knowledge. 

There was something that I read earlier that kind of made a lot of sense which was: “Each gardener knows better than other gardeners” -Chinese Proverb

Where ever this quote comes from, I can’t help but relate. It is nice to have days where it can just be me and the kitchen and I can get a lot of experimenting done without the nay-saying of someone else hovering over my shoulder. 

But this post isn’t to complain, Dear Reader, it is to congratulate everyone’s success in the Garden. I wanted to express my feelings about the importance of cohesive relationships again. Through trial and error I have been fortunate to watch the seeds I plant grow and then wither. A whole life cycle before my very eyes. The Winter draws near and I am reminded of the harshness of the cold. Only through cooperative involvement are we able to achieve our goals. 

Permaculture, is not just about gardening. Through careful discernment, critical thinking, and common sense we are able to resolve the problems that have been set out before us. There is a lot of injustice that happens everyday and one of my intentions is to help bring awareness to the fact that the relationships that we procure should be beneficial to most if not everything around us. With all the different applications of Permaculture, it is easy to get lost in someone else’s ideals without ever dabbling in our own creative minds!

This blog isn’t to tell you what Permaculture “is” or “isn’t”. It is only to bring awareness. Whatever that may mean. Thank you for stopping by.



With all the new information that I have been collecting in random notes that I have in multiple notebooks and by asking questions on forums and popular websites, I see the time for application drawing closer and closer. By this I mean that there are ideas that are just so great, I don’t know why that they have not already been applied to the land here where I stay.

Some subjects that I have been focusing on are:

  • Everything and Anything Permaculture
  • Raised Beds
  • Water Restoration/Conservation
  • Food Storage and Drying
  • Natural Pest Control
  • “Good and Bad” Insects and how to prevent loss of crops
  • How To Recognize Herbs and TreesWaste Management (Yeah… “That House” still has trash.. :c )
  • Alternative dwelling/living spaces and ideas.

As I find the information, instead of just sending you a link, I will rather work on projects stemmed from these bits of information and share with you then what I have found. Or, I might just share with you it with you like this : Raised Beds “Hugulkultur. Around this property, there is a lot of lumber left from years of waiting to be used. Now, I have found the perfect incorporation for these otherwise rotting wood. There is still a lot of spaced that can be used to grow food, and with the proposition of becoming an actual farm in the future, by the time something like this Hugulkultur idea will have been a good one! Thanks Dear Reader for stopping by.


There are many projects that I would like to see happen here on this land. The fact of the matter is, there is 8 Acres that could be incorporated into a long-lasting design that would secure a food supply for the upcoming generations in just the next four to five years. As above, so below. And it is important to remember that we are all part of a whole.

My blog, as of late, has been kind of “everywhere” at the moment and I would like to clarify some things. I intended this blog to be about two main things which is the incorporation of cohesive relationships in order to propagate sustainable ideas (such as Permaculture). As the epiphyte, our presence must not be parasitic. It is a difficult road that we have been on and we are trying our best to cultivate a new type of living. And I wanted to thank you Dear Reader, in reading along with me as I try to simplify the ideas that I have sometimes found difficult to understand myself.

So, to be concise, through a constant new principle of self-discipline I am able to share with you some of my ideas of what two aforementioned things mean to me. It is not always about what we think is right or wrong, but how we can do to provide a safe and viable platform for improvement through strengthening our bonds and foundation.

Well, I’m not trying to bore you, so if you would like to check out some of the peppers that I’ve been growing I uploaded a new video on YouTube if you would like to check it out: Peppers in the Garden