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Inherent Rythm

Somewhere within, closer than I can imagine. Learning that this solitude is either one of two things. The negative particulars wherein I always find myself takes hold and it becomes regrettably hard to escape. The other positive path is simply a change of mind and attitude. Stuck in my head and longing for community. More than what there currently is.

I had a dream this morning about being in a type of boarding school, a place that I’ve been to before. I mean to say, I’ve visited this place several other times in dreams. The one constant is that I arrive and there is always new people. Some people I know, most of them I don’t. It was something like living in the San Francisco Commune all those years ago. Seems like forever.

But that’s exactly the thing I wish for. A whole group of people watching each others back and making the most out of shitty situations. Currently, I’m learning how to enjoy being alone so that I don’t try and use others as a means of escape. Which I have always done. I’ve never focused on my needs to any extent beyond eating food and drinking water. Regular human stuff.

I always found the need give all of myself to a single person, which subsequently leads me to believe that I am easily manipulated which in-turn I give up on my ideas and sell myself short. And it really stinks to feel that way. I know that I am worthy and I just have to prove that to myself.


Recent News

It seems that the increasing amount of articles being written about Standing Rock are saying precisely what I have been writing about since I left there. What has become an increasingly problematic issue has spread from within the camp to social media outlets and thousands of users that are addressing the “colonization” at Standing Rock. It is understood that there is always a need for numbers, but when those numbers are legitimately not offering any services but in fact receiving services meant for Natives, it becomes a problem.

We need to reflect on the real reasons that we go to such movements. A lot is lost in pride and ego. And there is a lot to be learned by these reflections. I have already said before that we find ourselves at places like Standing Rock without a purpose. Trying to find one while you’re there can be simple just by asking around. But we need to dig a bit deeper than that. And we need to understand that this fight is never about ourselves, but about the future of our youth.

One of the most important aspects of this blog is making sure that the community is aware of all the obstacles that are being placed on our youth. Our children will eventually carry on our legacy, and every day I am plagued by the thought that I would have not done them justice because I was idle.

I can no longer stay idle. WE can no longer stay idle.

Getting My Mind Back

I’ve had a recent ‘spurt’ of creativity flowing through me recently, and am not quite sure why. It feels great though. I’ve been having constant day dreams about a story that I have been thinking about for the last few months. So, I have been researching all morning about how to collect water in space and on the moon.

Perhaps this post is a complete 180 flip from what I have been posting the last couple of months. But it is definitely a breath of fresh air. My mind has been a lot clearer not being on alcohol.

I write this now for the sole purpose of being grateful that I am alive another day.

There is a lot that has come to light in my mind and I think writing about that leaf was somewhat of a way to release some of my fears and sentiments that I never share with anyone. Knowing full well that the people that I most want to express myself to will never read it, and maybe by the time they do, things would be different. All I can hope to do is hang on to the last shread of sanity that I have. Not knowing where it is that I want to really go with my life.

I write now because I want to tell my future self that it can be done. Just keep doing what is right and believe that you can do it. Even if it is by yourself. No one said it would be easy. Thank You Dear Reader for your time. Much obliged.

You may call it suggestive therapeutics or the Power of Mind over Matter. All these designations are as useless as the name of the horse that Paul Revere rode. The Fact remains.

Chapter 1 Review:

In the first chapter, the author goes on to explain all of the fascinating results that he experienced during his years in the field. And without having any kind of medical training. Even the Doctors and Surgeons were astonished at the results that he produced with simple home-made remedies. They speculated harshly before ever giving him a chance. 

One of his cases was his own wife who suffered from two strokes causing paralysis, and after calling for the best doctor that he knew of, the doctor pronounced that she didn’t have much time to live. Falling back on the ways and remedies that he knew and with a regular schedule for treatment, his wife recovered from her paralysis. In another instance the author healed someone within six weeks with just fomentations(various), water, and fruit juice. He did this all for free(except the man insisted on giving him money(75 bucks).

In one part of the chapter the Author, Jethro Kloss, expresses his interest in having restaurants that work alongside health-food stores so that the food can be sold and served at the same time. Brilliant!

As I continue to read, I’m hoping to learn a lot more from this book as I go along. I’ve only read a little bit, and I’ve skipped around a bit from the front, middle, and end. It is intriguing enough that I’ll be reading it and publishing some articles as I go along. As I explained before this book gives instructions on how to make fomentations, or salves, tonics and tinctures throughout the book. Specifically those made from roots, bark, and herbs.

It is inspiring that a man would do this without a price. Just for the simple act of getting to help someone. Heal someone. Makes me really think about things.