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Chickens Coming Home to Roost

This phrase couldn’t be any more true. Last week we were blessed to have Walt build a chicken coop out of the scrap wood and pallets that we had strewn about. It is amazing what he can do.


He is the man! There is a lot of projects that he has done that have exceeded our expectations. And now that we have the necessary area for some chickens, I have been doing a lot of searching for the right one’s to start a flock of our own!


We have been looking at getting some Wheaten Marans, which are extremely beautiful birds that lay the coveted chocolate eggs. I never even knew that there was a colour scale for eggs! It is very exciting to think of all the amazing changes that are going on here at this farm (The Mighty Lichen). I am very proud to be a part of this team.


Thank you, Dear Reader, for you time. I will be posting as progress continues.


For the love of #Farming

Dear Reader,

It has been a long five days. And tough is an understatement. There has been so much to do that sometimes it is really hard to keep track of all the little things that need to be taken care of. I try my best to keep up, however. This year is going to be much different than last year. I can tell already for sure.

The team here is very solid. There are very many things that we are occupying our time with. I’ve finished a whole new pen for the goats so that they can start browsing on some nice green foliage.


There was a huge black berry bramble that was strangling two apple trees that we cut back. Dirt is standing there staring at this monster of a bush. We planted six more apple trees in the area that we cleared. Now, that we have finished that, we are planning to make more terraces to expand our vegetable garden.


We bought several new olive and fig trees to add to our collection. Although some of them were pretty small, there was a really mature one that I’m glad we were able to get in the ground within the week or so that we bought it. It’s a good looking tree, and I’m sure that because of it’s location, it won’t be getting eaten by the deer that ravaged our garden last year. It is a beautiful Manzanilla Olive.


Our good friend Walt who is an extremely skilled carpenter and builder has come to help us realise our dreams of making a chicken coop. It’s amazing what he can do in just two days. It’s not exactly complete, but we are looking at a another day or so. It is really great that he was able to make this with scrap wood and the extra pallets that we had been laying about taking up space.


Dirt was helping him out.



It isn’t exactly completed, but as you can see it is on it’s way to becoming a wonderful home for some chickens! The design is great because we will be able to access eggs with ease. Those roosts are going to be accessible from the back with doors that swing upwards.


All-in-all it has been very exciting to see all this progress happening for this coming year. I know that my recent posts have been more about updates, but I can’t help but feel joy about all the things that we are doing.

Post Scriptum- I hope you like my last poem, it would be nice to get some feed back. Thanks Dear Reader!


Digging, digging, and more digging. That has pretty much been the last couple of days. Although we have completed the goat fence (I will post photos in a future post), we have been setting up areas to plant more apple trees. In recognition of the holiday “Tu’bishvat” we have planted many trees. And as you can imagine, there was a lot of digging to be done. Not to mention that we are digging a huge culvert at the upper terrace to divert water from our second pond.


One of the trees that we planted was this Manzanillo Olive. It is such a beautiful plant. We have other varieties, but none are as large as this one. This post is going to be short, and I hope to have more photos coming up soon. Probably in my next post. Thank You Dear Reader for your time.


Post Scriptum- That’s my best friend Dirt and the olive tree after getting it completely in the ground.

Clone Success


So these are photos of fig trees. Although I don’t know what kind of fig they are. They come from a well established tree that is one the property that surrounds the bathhouse. A very beautiful tree that is full of fruit and also wrapped in grape vines. It is truly one of the more beautiful sites here.

This is the first time that I’ve ever actually cloned anything, and with much success!

I was very surprised that they took to the clone machine like they did. I have heard that you can just stick a branch into the ground and they will take. But we decided to use some root hormones to give the little guys a boost. And now we will be planting them in a couple of months from now. We have the perfect spot for them up at a second pond, however, I fear that they are going to be subject to being eaten by a local deer that has devastated our crops before.

Either way, we are going to do it. Thank You, Dear Reader. I’m very excited to have done this trial of cloning with success and I hope that I will have a photo of our endeavors as they come.


New Keys

So there is a lot that I have to talk about, Dear Reader. And most of it has to do with what I have been doing here on the farm. For the past couple of months, I have mostly been here on my own and have been doing all the work that a lot of people skipped out on by going away for the holidays and what-not. I have been here though, making every day count to the most of my abilities.

It has been raining a lot here. My boss says that we have gotten over 130% of our water for the year. And it’s only January. Which is kind of amazing. Although it is a good thing that we are getting so much water, it really puts a hold on what can be done outside.

I wish that I had photos to show off the beauty of the weather or the fullness of our ponds, but I will have to work on that.

One thing that I’m excited that the rain brings are mushrooms. Not only that, but the fact that I am able to stay inside sometimes and write. I just got a new laptop, which allows me to type things at a much greater pace, like I used to. Back when this blog was all about gardening and permaculture. I vow that it will be different now and more focused on the important matters at hand like how this farm is striving to become self-sustaining. Well, it’s early in the morning and I need a coffee.

When I figure out how to transfer photos from my phone, I will be posting them here. Thank you Dear Reader for your time.

“It’s Systemic”

Dear Reader, I wanted to focus a bit on how much more synchronicity I see within the very nature of the plants I tend to. Yesterday I was sitting down on a brick, handling my sprouts carefully so I could transplant them properly into bigger pots. I began to once again connect-the-dots between the similarities of my actions in the Garden and how it could be applied in the involvement of members in the community.

Carefully bringing out my peppers into my cupped hand. Then in to a nice pot of soil. Such a simple action that is analogous in depth and origin to love. My action of transplanting peppers is an act of love, and through that action I can bask in the joy of watching them aspire to maturity through a larger space to grow.

With this concept, and through social insertion (read my post here: “On Social Insertion”) I believe that more people would find it easier to communicate and accept one another. Through actions and intentions of care and love we can transplant ourselves, in a sense, to collectively grow.

I see in this Country, that so many people are fighting for what they believe in. They forget other movements that retroactively involve them, albeit probably not on purpose. I personally fight against the injustice that stems from a system of greed and hate. That goes with standing up against Nestle and their bottling plants. The loggers in the South American Rainforests and in Oregon. The constant and daily police violence. Racism. Prejudice and intolerance for humans and animals. All while I try bringing awareness of
the indigenous practices of spiritual and sustainable existence on this Earth.

So many movements one gets lost in all the information.

My point, Dear Reader, is that we should be aware and bring awareness. If you are involved in a movement or activism, realise that there is always more going on. I would like this post to be a platform for information on all different subjects. What movement interests you most? Which would you like to more about? Let me know and let’s bring awareness! Save the Bees!

Topping and Pruning

As you might know Dear Reader, if you grow veggies or flowers, more nodes equals more flowers equals more pods/fruits. Thus, we prune and top our plants to achieve this.

I was in the garden the other day, admiring how much the Paprika Peppers have grown and progressed after being pruned. That led me to ponder the trauma the plant must go through. And to ponder even further, I began to understand the symmetry between myself and those plants.

Without going through a bit of hardships, we leave no room to flourish and go beyond our instilled illusion of our potential.

In nature I’m sure when a passing animal, such as a deer or a glorious elk, walks by a young and strong sapling and sees all the new delicious green would naturally think of it to taste great and provide nutrients. Although the plant would practically be destroyed, this new stage in its life will give it two options. Give up, wilt and die… or come back twice as big and twice as lush. Providing even more fruit then it would have if it didn’t get munched by that deer.

In this similarity, I find that this is yet another reason to move forward, daydreams aside. And focus on the rehabilitation of my community and bringing awareness of the importance of cohesive relationships. Growing in ideas and creativity, in the gardens of our minds.

Thank you Dear Reader for your patience.