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About Writing My Story

So it’s been a month solid that I’ve been sleeping outside. Every day is a lesson in teaching myself what it means to have a routine. Starting from the bare-bones of it all, it’s hard to see where the tasks start sometimes. Dreaming up the big picture was easy. However, it didn’t take long to put it out on paper and start taking notes of the days and planning it all out. Creating a schedule is a key component to this abrupt lifestyle. And I say “abrupt” because not that long ago, there were responsibilities that were already laid out which was easy to do and accomplish. Here, that is a totally different story.

I am the master of my destiny and my garden.

Waking up everyday has been quite difficult because of an apparent insomnia caused by the rigid cold of this valley. With a creek on one side and a river on the other, the causal drafts of wind bring the chill of winter with it. So, I tend to stay up as late as I can to force myself into tiredness. And I suppose being alone at night encourages this behaviour.

In a matter of a couple of weeks, we will have achieved getting into the actual residence of the place and will have started our garden. Today (2.1.17) it starts actually. It’s really cold right now, and the place where I am currently typing has no front door and my hands are freezing. But I type nonetheless. Without music and a tiny heater. I have music, Dear Reader, but there is something about this silence that makes me write. Perhaps the sound of my pressing of each key. Kind of makes me feel more authentic.

I’ve been writing my story that I’ve been working on, but mostly just editing. There is a fair deal of work that still needs to be done as to why I’m writing it in the first place. At first, I suppose that it was just a quick free-write that turned out to be a whole idea, but then I got to thinking: What is the message? In which the writer’s block ensued. So for now, I’m going back and tweaking parts here and there. Which suffices my need to occupy my time when I’m not doing garden activities.

On my third cup of coffee, the existential questions start flooding in and I wonder if the plot of the story is worth it? In hindsight, I think it’s as generic as can be. The type of generic plot that would be referenced in a B-film. Which is why I’m thinking so hard about what it is that I can do to try and make it my own flavour.

Dialogue will almost always be a crucial part in any story. And I feel like that has always come naturally to me. It’s all those tiny spaces between, where all the details should connect, that get to me. Continuity is both an enemy and a friend. So it helps to go over everything a billion times. As of right now, to be honest to myself, it is being drawn out to the point that something in the story needs to change. A disaster or a miracle needs to happen.

Perhaps which is the reason I have said writer’s block.

The need to find a muse actually haunts me. To the point where I feel like I’m in the book Haunted: by Chuck Palahnuik. The only thing that I’m missing is a front door to lock me in. And I suppose that all this time I’ve spent trying to follow my own path has led me here. In retrospect, this is everything that I’ve wanted. Such is the life of a Steppenwolfe.

Now, trying to force myself to write is something I’ve learned to avoid. The story becomes like an instrument out of tune. The basics are there, but there is no life or love in it. No inspiration that could be bequeathed to the reader. Essentially missing the target. Trying to attain that spark that started it all in the first place is also challenging and I hope to find that spark once again in the garden. (Where I have a lot of my ideas!)

Getting my head back on straight is taking a bit longer than I had expected, but that is life I suppose. Trying to lose my mind in books helps, albeit I am using them as sedatives to help me fall asleep. The only real thing left to do is start from the beginning, bare-bones as I have said before, and remember that everything starts somewhere. The natural order of things come to pass whether we are ready for them or not. And some of us are more ready then others.

Even though I struggle to get a grip sometimes, it is my duty to learn as much as I can and document it for the future. At least that is something positive I can leave with the world once I am gone. Thank you Dear Reader for your time.


Chickens Coming Home to Roost

This phrase couldn’t be any more true. Last week we were blessed to have Walt build a chicken coop out of the scrap wood and pallets that we had strewn about. It is amazing what he can do.


He is the man! There is a lot of projects that he has done that have exceeded our expectations. And now that we have the necessary area for some chickens, I have been doing a lot of searching for the right one’s to start a flock of our own!


We have been looking at getting some Wheaten Marans, which are extremely beautiful birds that lay the coveted chocolate eggs. I never even knew that there was a colour scale for eggs! It is very exciting to think of all the amazing changes that are going on here at this farm (The Mighty Lichen). I am very proud to be a part of this team.


Thank you, Dear Reader, for you time. I will be posting as progress continues.

For the love of #Farming

Dear Reader,

It has been a long five days. And tough is an understatement. There has been so much to do that sometimes it is really hard to keep track of all the little things that need to be taken care of. I try my best to keep up, however. This year is going to be much different than last year. I can tell already for sure.

The team here is very solid. There are very many things that we are occupying our time with. I’ve finished a whole new pen for the goats so that they can start browsing on some nice green foliage.


There was a huge black berry bramble that was strangling two apple trees that we cut back. Dirt is standing there staring at this monster of a bush. We planted six more apple trees in the area that we cleared. Now, that we have finished that, we are planning to make more terraces to expand our vegetable garden.


We bought several new olive and fig trees to add to our collection. Although some of them were pretty small, there was a really mature one that I’m glad we were able to get in the ground within the week or so that we bought it. It’s a good looking tree, and I’m sure that because of it’s location, it won’t be getting eaten by the deer that ravaged our garden last year. It is a beautiful Manzanilla Olive.


Our good friend Walt who is an extremely skilled carpenter and builder has come to help us realise our dreams of making a chicken coop. It’s amazing what he can do in just two days. It’s not exactly complete, but we are looking at a another day or so. It is really great that he was able to make this with scrap wood and the extra pallets that we had been laying about taking up space.


Dirt was helping him out.



It isn’t exactly completed, but as you can see it is on it’s way to becoming a wonderful home for some chickens! The design is great because we will be able to access eggs with ease. Those roosts are going to be accessible from the back with doors that swing upwards.


All-in-all it has been very exciting to see all this progress happening for this coming year. I know that my recent posts have been more about updates, but I can’t help but feel joy about all the things that we are doing.

Post Scriptum- I hope you like my last poem, it would be nice to get some feed back. Thanks Dear Reader!


Digging, digging, and more digging. That has pretty much been the last couple of days. Although we have completed the goat fence (I will post photos in a future post), we have been setting up areas to plant more apple trees. In recognition of the holiday “Tu’bishvat” we have planted many trees. And as you can imagine, there was a lot of digging to be done. Not to mention that we are digging a huge culvert at the upper terrace to divert water from our second pond.


One of the trees that we planted was this Manzanillo Olive. It is such a beautiful plant. We have other varieties, but none are as large as this one. This post is going to be short, and I hope to have more photos coming up soon. Probably in my next post. Thank You Dear Reader for your time.


Post Scriptum- That’s my best friend Dirt and the olive tree after getting it completely in the ground.

Clone Success


So these are photos of fig trees. Although I don’t know what kind of fig they are. They come from a well established tree that is one the property that surrounds the bathhouse. A very beautiful tree that is full of fruit and also wrapped in grape vines. It is truly one of the more beautiful sites here.

This is the first time that I’ve ever actually cloned anything, and with much success!

I was very surprised that they took to the clone machine like they did. I have heard that you can just stick a branch into the ground and they will take. But we decided to use some root hormones to give the little guys a boost. And now we will be planting them in a couple of months from now. We have the perfect spot for them up at a second pond, however, I fear that they are going to be subject to being eaten by a local deer that has devastated our crops before.

Either way, we are going to do it. Thank You, Dear Reader. I’m very excited to have done this trial of cloning with success and I hope that I will have a photo of our endeavors as they come.


Realizing it Again

Sitting alone in a conversion van at a table with just a lamp and the remnants of a bag of wine, I find myself so caught up in what I should have done or didn’t do throughout my life.

I feel a kind of resentment that I didn’t make the right choices when I was younger.

As I progress through my life and reminisce about all the shit that I did and how it has affected me, I can’t help but be mad at myself. But through this anger I sense a great need to change right now.

I remember my aspirations and I want to continue to strive for those things.

So, I have started a new set of crops for next years garden. I got the okay from my boss to stay over winter, when no one else is here. Perhaps it will give me time to work on myself more.

Also I will be getting a puppy to keep me company. Which is something that I definitely need.

I’m hoping that my past doesn’t come to haunt me so often. Or should I say “hunt”… Anyway, I’ll be keeping myself busy in hopes that this blog will return to it’s natural state of relaying information and more exciting things. And perhaps more photos!

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your patience.

And Then the Wine Was Gone… So It Goes

Let me cut to the chase, Dear Reader, I have had a romantic rendezvous with a gorgeous girl. To describe her briefly, she was (or is I should say) bright and funny. And I can help to think really nerdy in subtle ways. She laughed at my jokes and made it fun to hang out. Her beauty was that which inspired in me a new outlook on the temporance of age.

Although now, the resentment for my stupidity about the situation has all but grown. It is my fault however. The falling out is what is getting to me.

Perhaps its the fact that I havent had a connection in a long time, if you could even call it a connection. Knowing that I am one of many is kind of disheartining. However, it is just as well.

Falling for someone who really isn’t interested in you, or at least only interested mostly on a surface level like sex and physical attractions, is tough. And one would think that one would know by now. Well, that isn’t the case.

The truth is, it was discussed openly and I went for it anyway. Not knowing that I was going to connect so well… Or at least in my mind I did. Which again was a mistake. It was just something about her. Even if we were just friends with benefits for a brief moment.

My question is, “do people normally fall for others for such simple things?”

An example would be the way she would swing back and forth with her fingers in her belt loops. Wearing her glasses and smiling at me. Being able to hold someone is nice. But when it effects your capacity to function, it has become something more out of control.

I won’t kiss and tell more than I already have, but I will say that the amount of lust was overwhelming. In both good and bad ways. It was everything I wanted and more. If I was one to be putting down my sex life, it would be a very long post.

I understand that this blog is about cohesive relationships and Permaculture and gardening/farming, but this is part of all that. Having a sound mind and being able to express one’s self is important. Without a platform to do this, things may go south quickly.

As of right now you, Dear Reader, are the only one I’ve told these things too. And yes, I know I should talk to someone around me, but with everyone so busy all the time, I don’t think I want to put my problems on others when they may have their own. If someone were to ask, I’d spill my guts. But for now, talking to strangers just seems appropriate.

Thank You Dear Reader for your time and patience.