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It seems that the increasing amount of articles being written about Standing Rock are saying precisely what I have been writing about since I left there. What has become an increasingly problematic issue has spread from within the camp to social media outlets and thousands of users that are addressing the “colonization” at Standing Rock. It is understood that there is always a need for numbers, but when those numbers are legitimately not offering any services but in fact receiving services meant for Natives, it becomes a problem.

We need to reflect on the real reasons that we go to such movements. A lot is lost in pride and ego. And there is a lot to be learned by these reflections. I have already said before that we find ourselves at places like Standing Rock without a purpose. Trying to find one while you’re there can be simple just by asking around. But we need to dig a bit deeper than that. And we need to understand that this fight is never about ourselves, but about the future of our youth.

One of the most important aspects of this blog is making sure that the community is aware of all the obstacles that are being placed on our youth. Our children will eventually carry on our legacy, and every day I am plagued by the thought that I would have not done them justice because I was idle.

I can no longer stay idle. WE can no longer stay idle.


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