Media lies and blackout

The officers that were involved in shooting a concussion grenade need to answer for what they have done. It is one thing to use “less-then lethal” force on a rioting crowd, but to shoot at people who are praying is a whole different story. Sophia Wilansky will lose her arm because of this injustice and the Morton Sheriffs are doing nothing about it except lie about what they were doing during the incident.

There are multiple videos online that show exactly what happened, and I have watched one where (moments into the video) a woman is shot in the face by a rubber bullet. These crimes against our brothers and sisters are being seen all around the world, but the police get away with it every day that goes by.

It is sad to see so many things going wrong in this country. And there is only so much that we can do.

As you read, there is mis-information being strewn about the internet. Saying that Water Protectors had a propane tank which was lit on fire and caused the injury to Sophia. But simply looking at the propane tank photo that the Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. provided, you can clearly see that it wasn’t ruptured at all. However, reporters on the scene that were there during most of the time, after-the-fact, a concussion grenade was retrieved on site that is from a munitions company that supplies the police department with weapons.

This post is to address the fact that law-enforcement is doing everything that they can to lead people to believe that what they are doing is right, when in-fact, they are destroying people’s lives. There are forces at work that are trying to make sure that there is no truth to be given.

This pipeline, in my honest opinion will go on according to plan. And the new information that the Army Corps of Engineers is going to be closing down the encampment due to safety concerns is another slap in the face. It has already been discussed among all of the people with boots on the ground that the weather would be just one more obstacle. Turning it around to say that they are concerned while actually spraying people with water cannons when it’s 28 degrees outside, which caused sheets of ice to hang from those who were returning because of fear of hypothermia, is pure evil entirely.

Veterans will be one the ground on December 5th, the very next day that the federal government plans on shutting down most of the encampment at Standing Rock. Which goes to show that they have no respect. To be even more honest, this is one of the more bias posts that I’ve written, but it is for a damn good reason. I don’t trust law enforcement. And neither should anyone who gives a damn about their community.


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