My Brief Trip

Just getting back from Standing Rock, North Dakota and there are still whirlwinds of ideas blowing around in my head. My time there was a good chance for personal healing as well as a moment for me to reflect on the importance of community and the reason why I started this blog in the first place. Although every day was different and full of things to do, there were also things that were going seemingly unnoticed.

I won’t really get in to that, as I don’t want to seem like I’m bad mouthing anyone. But there are some imperative issues that need to be addressed and fixed as soon as possible. Especially because there are more and more people showing up every day.

For the time being, I think that I will be going up to a different farm to get my wits back and work on my art and my journalism. I think that being here for so long has made me stagnant in some aspects, and that’s never good. Being in North Dakota was a refresher course in what it is that I want to leave this world when I’m gone; and fighting for our youth is one major componant.

I will be writing a synopsis of sorts about my brief trip to Standing Rock, and I hope that it will be informative to those who will be joining the stuggle throughout the winter. This pipeline is not going to stop, and every day they are digging and the drill gets closer and closer. My goal is to bring awareness to those who think that they will be able to withstand the freezing temperatures of the coming months and to help supply people with adequate information that may help them in the coming weeks.


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