Letting Go (A story about a leaf)

There has always been a subtlety in the way a brief zephyr hints to something from beyond our control. From a horizon not yet discovered or even fathomed. The distant star of realization and the continuity of the time left us by ancient wisdom. Faith… that core ingredient to something much larger than we could hope to envision. An understanding of what it means to finally let go of past transgression and success; to be one without and subsequently, with all. The days pass with each phase of the season. The wandering moon at night entertains my mind with it’s always changing face. Gradually becoming something other than what I perceive it to be, yet something else.

Rooted here, I have no choice but to silently let time pass by me. The others around me, I’m sure, feel the same as I. As the sun dips lower in the sky, it should be noted that some of the others have started to leave this place. Gracefully and quietly, so as not to arouse any malcontent from those who have yet to make up their minds.

I go alone, however, into the periphery of space with mere speculations. Asking only to understand if what it is that I feel worth any conjecture. Thoughts rampage about. Surely there is a doorway in which I can open that would lead me to a clearer answer. And as more time passes, the scene is one of a mere trifle of the existence that once stood before. In all of it’s lush glory, waving in the sunshine as if there was nothing to accept other than to exist in a world with no faults. Only to be met with the current curve of time in which all that was has become a far-off relic to be remembered. A blazing moment of youth captured in a memory.

And I go now, up-rooted and yearning for the next time I might feel the warmth of the sun which now hides behind the thunderstorms of swift change. Remarkable, yet frightening as it bolsters pillars of light that crisscross like splintering wood. Falling to the ground, that zephyr picks me up softly, gently laying me on the cold Earth. A resting place I thought that I would never get to touch. All who I had seen vanish now lay in beds that blanketed everywhere that I could see. Then I, too, had become one of these important pieces and subsequently fulfilled my part. Becoming one with the unexplored void. Released into the boundless horizon.

Fading from green, to yellow, to nothing.


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