That Recurring Feeling

I’ve been meaning to write this for some time now, but with work and not having my laptop, I just couldn’t find the time.

Anyway, Dear Reader, the farm is looking good. Wish I had a camera some times to post photos. This isn’t the point of this post, however. This post is mainly about my mental health. For the most part, all is well. But I continue to have these fluctuating and often recurring feelings of loneliness. I know that I have posted before about all this.

With the new people coming in for the season, I thought that I could connect with someone. It turns out that that isn’t the case. Unfortunately.

It honestly makes me question the person that I am. Or if I give off the, ” I’m too broken to have a conversation with you” vibe. Which is hardly the case. I suppose wanting to find someone that will enjoy being around me is not enough to actually find them. I have been on this farm for more then a year now, and the sinking feeling that I will continue to be alone if I stay here is prevelaint.

But I don’t know anything else.

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