Fresh Air

It’s funny to think that someone that lives outdoors would need some fresh air. But what I have realised is that when I was in the city, I dreamed of going to the country side, thinking that all my worries would be washed away. However, now that I am here, sometimes, I feel like I just want to go to the city and spend some time with all the crazy people and cars and lights.

But there is something that I have found to be even more soothing. The reassurance and support of an old friend.

My friend has come from Oregon and he I used to live with him for a while a couple of years ago. I worked in his garden and was able to do pretty much anything I wanted there. The only difference is that he always gave me supportive feedback and corrected me if I was doing a technique or practice wrong. Instead of taking over, he always let me retry with him doing it by my side.

This is one aspect in a friend and mentor that I can get behind.

I don’t see a point in telling someone that they are doing something wrong and then taking the project from them and doing it themselves the way that they first imagined the task being done. I don’t think I work that way.

These last few weeks, with my friend Dirt having health issues and my boss never really being here, doing the work in the garden was a drag. It bored me and I had no motivation due to the fact that no one else is interested in it. (which is strange because we live on a farm…) However, since my good friend Robin has been here, I feel extremely more inclined to be out there fixing and maintaining the garden as it should be. He loves to garden and knows about farming. He’s been doing it since he was young. I don’t know how old he is, but his fiery spirit leads his way. He, too, is a traveler and he won’t be here very long, but his time here has certainly made mine more enjoyable.

It’s nice to be in the garden with someone who wants to be there, and who actually is filled with knowledge about many types of flora and fauna.

This post is simply to appreciate the people in your life that you aspire to be or that you can trust to help you along your path to wherever it is that you may be going. People like this deserve to be held in high regard and esteem because there are not enough of them!

Thank you Dear Reader, for your time.


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