Fish Out of Water

Feeling out of place:

The beer cost a fortune. The people, although barely starting to show up to the event, were polite and well kempt. My clothes on the other hand seemed rather shoddy and even slightly dirty compared to all of the garb most likely bought earlier that day for this specific time and place. Clothes, I felt, like they would never wear again.

A conversation can be heard across from me about a dress and how it was something, and something about something. My mind became tired of listening very quickly.

Probing around the room, the blue lights illuminated all the best features of those around me. Looking down at my shirt, I can see it grow increasingly more tattered.

The friend that I’m with knows everyone here. And I can see by his smile that he’s happy to see everyone that walks up to him. I stand idly by, waiting for any conversation to reach me, to be approached. Being too shy and awkward about the content of my discourse, I stand there, sipping beer that must be made of gold.

At the bar, there are tiny finger foods. Little sandwiches and cakes all donated to the event. Staring at them for a while, a tap on the shoulder alerts me to an opportunity at interaction. I’m asked to step aside so that they may purchase a beverage. Moving out of the way, I order another red cup full as well.

To my brief comfort, the kindled flame that I had been waiting for sparked a friendly exchange of words. However scant and loosely worded, I smiled and offered answers.

Throughout the night this scenario played over and over. Me at the bar. People ordering drinks. And me, getting to know bits and pieces of all these people that were here. On occasion, the friend I’m with introduces me to folks and I stand there. Saying that we’ve met already.

I’m supposed to be on vacation, doing things that make me happy and seeing things that I find interesting. But no, I’m stuck in a city with no choice but to be third wheel in charge of answering questions.


This was a writing prompt that I found online, and I had the perfect story to write about. Thanks for reading, Dear Reader! Have a great day.

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