Dear Reader,

I have decided to give up my attempts at trying to commune with someone. Although futile, I tried. And as hard as I might, to no avail.

First off, let me start by saying that I think the biggest part of my wanting to be in contact with that person is because I was infatuated. That’s it. And perhaps they already knew that. I mean, how could you blame someone with a fiery spirit? (if you do blame them, wouldn’t you expect to be burned?)

Really, I want to make this post short. So, here goes:

She was gorgeous. She was talented. She was pretty much everything I ever wanted. But I was scared and trapped in a suffocating relationship that I knew was going to end in a burst of hot air. Her eyes sparkled with adventure. Her skin, silk. The hair on her head, although a bit tangled, wrapped around me and made me tingle. Her smile, my god that smile, was breathtaking. The way she moved made time slow down. The way she talked made me hush to listen.

But I wish not to praise her so.

Who am I? To her, probably nothing. To me? probably nothing. I suppose, as I’ve said before, I am stuck in a pipe dream. Which is why I must give it up to pursue that which is close to me. Right in front of me. My garden. My puppy.

Thank you Dear Reader, I’m going to take another shot of 151. Good night.


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