In the Wind

Last night I had a dream about the woman that I am very fond of. In this dream, she was standing there in an outfit of crimson and deep blue. In this dream, I could not stand to look at her because for some odd reason, I was embarrassed. Perhaps even frightened. A magical effect brought on by those with the power to create or destroy.

Her beauty was captured in the surroundings, and it seemed to make her glow with a certain air of distinction that captured her essence.

This dream was vague and passed by with the swiftness of a dandelion being blown in the wind. Sensations of being afraid to speak with her, or even look at her, makes me upset and angry with myself. What would I do in real life!? Honestly, I don’t think I would react this way in real-life, I would not let myself ever pass up another opportunity to be with her for even a moment. Even if it were to just talk about the little pleasures that have happened to us in the absence of each other.

Dear Reader, I want to tell you that this woman is someone special. One of the most unfettered beings that I have ever met. One of the most wonderful specimens to ever cross my path. I am infatuated to an unhealthy point. I just need to focus on my Gardening…


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