Digging, digging, and more digging. That has pretty much been the last couple of days. Although we have completed the goat fence (I will post photos in a future post), we have been setting up areas to plant more apple trees. In recognition of the holiday “Tu’bishvat” we have planted many trees. And as you can imagine, there was a lot of digging to be done. Not to mention that we are digging a huge culvert at the upper terrace to divert water from our second pond.


One of the trees that we planted was this Manzanillo Olive. It is such a beautiful plant. We have other varieties, but none are as large as this one. This post is going to be short, and I hope to have more photos coming up soon. Probably in my next post. Thank You Dear Reader for your time.


Post Scriptum- That’s my best friend Dirt and the olive tree after getting it completely in the ground.


2 thoughts on “Diggin’

    1. trughost Post author

      It’s true, red clay and huge rocks! Our next investment is definitely going toward a jackhammer. Even it’s a small one, we could sure use it.


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