Clone Success


So these are photos of fig trees. Although I don’t know what kind of fig they are. They come from a well established tree that is one the property that surrounds the bathhouse. A very beautiful tree that is full of fruit and also wrapped in grape vines. It is truly one of the more beautiful sites here.

This is the first time that I’ve ever actually cloned anything, and with much success!

I was very surprised that they took to the clone machine like they did. I have heard that you can just stick a branch into the ground and they will take. But we decided to use some root hormones to give the little guys a boost. And now we will be planting them in a couple of months from now. We have the perfect spot for them up at a second pond, however, I fear that they are going to be subject to being eaten by a local deer that has devastated our crops before.

Either way, we are going to do it. Thank You, Dear Reader. I’m very excited to have done this trial of cloning with success and I hope that I will have a photo of our endeavors as they come.



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