Timeline By Michael Crichton (Book Review)

We all know Crichton from the Lost World series. But I had no idea that his other books could be so entrancing. I was recommended and loaned this novel by a good friend of mine who really knows my tastes in fiction. And it was a great read to say the least. The main theme, as you can imagine is about traveling through time. The protagonists in this book are students of science and archaeology. After being on a dig site that they have been studying for quite some time, and believe that they know everything about this medieval place stuck in time, they find themselves in a whole new world.

After meeting a capitalist mogul of technology, they traverse space and time itself.

Going back to the time of plague and every day(more like moments) of violence and archaic modes of thinking. The group who is there on a mission to save their professor are captivated and more or less captive to their environment because of a mishap that happens as soon as they go back in time. The means of their travel had been compromised. So, being stuck back in time they are left to their own devices.

The story is told in a very smooth style that is never hard to follow. When reading it, you could put the book down for a couple of days, pick it back up, and be transferred back to the feelings and sentiments of the author as if you had never left. The description of the surroundings and many different environments can be seen with the minds eye in perfect detail as Crichton takes you along this voyage of knights in shining armour and malevolent maidens.

The plot is filled with many twists and turns that are always exciting with down-time few and far between. Once the story gets going, it’s a novel that’s not easy to put down. There’s always a sense of adventure. If you’re into that, this book is something that you’d be able to read on a long train or plane ride.

Thanks, Dear Reader for you time. And I hope that if you pick this book up you’ll love it as much as I did.


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