New Keys

So there is a lot that I have to talk about, Dear Reader. And most of it has to do with what I have been doing here on the farm. For the past couple of months, I have mostly been here on my own and have been doing all the work that a lot of people skipped out on by going away for the holidays and what-not. I have been here though, making every day count to the most of my abilities.

It has been raining a lot here. My boss says that we have gotten over 130% of our water for the year. And it’s only January. Which is kind of amazing. Although it is a good thing that we are getting so much water, it really puts a hold on what can be done outside.

I wish that I had photos to show off the beauty of the weather or the fullness of our ponds, but I will have to work on that.

One thing that I’m excited that the rain brings are mushrooms. Not only that, but the fact that I am able to stay inside sometimes and write. I just got a new laptop, which allows me to type things at a much greater pace, like I used to. Back when this blog was all about gardening and permaculture. I vow that it will be different now and more focused on the important matters at hand like how this farm is striving to become self-sustaining. Well, it’s early in the morning and I need a coffee.

When I figure out how to transfer photos from my phone, I will be posting them here. Thank you Dear Reader for your time.


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