Realizing it Again

Sitting alone in a conversion van at a table with just a lamp and the remnants of a bag of wine, I find myself so caught up in what I should have done or didn’t do throughout my life.

I feel a kind of resentment that I didn’t make the right choices when I was younger.

As I progress through my life and reminisce about all the shit that I did and how it has affected me, I can’t help but be mad at myself. But through this anger I sense a great need to change right now.

I remember my aspirations and I want to continue to strive for those things.

So, I have started a new set of crops for next years garden. I got the okay from my boss to stay over winter, when no one else is here. Perhaps it will give me time to work on myself more.

Also I will be getting a puppy to keep me company. Which is something that I definitely need.

I’m hoping that my past doesn’t come to haunt me so often. Or should I say “hunt”… Anyway, I’ll be keeping myself busy in hopes that this blog will return to it’s natural state of relaying information and more exciting things. And perhaps more photos!

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your patience.


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