Strange and Vivid

These last few nights I have been having strange and vivid dreams. Not to mention that they were all in colour. The thing was that I only remember the last bits right before waking up.

In one dream, there was a beautiful girl who seemed to be very affectionate toward me. I think she may have been my girlfriend or something, although I do not recall who she ever was.. I’ve never seen her before. We were walking in the streets and laughing and hugging and kissing. Then I lost her somehow and turn a corner and she was right there in a striped dress waiting for me. She gave me a big hug kissed me tenderly and asked why I left her. She started crying. I hugged her hard and then the dream was over.

Another dream I had, that wasn’t so nice was running around to several of my friends in hysterics because there were giant bumps on my arms. Akin to what I think bot flies under your skin might look. It freaked me out thoroughly and I awoke.

In another dream, I was at a beach with who appeared to be my family. In front of us was a giant cave where you can see an ocean. Everyone was talking about how there was supposed to be a tsunami. After a while, through the cave a huge wall of water went through. My guess is that the rock cave stopped the first wave. Behind us there was a very tall fence which I started to climb. I climbed about half way before I looked behind me and saw just over the top of the cave. A lot of people started to climb up as well. We were in awe to see that a second wall of water was coming right over the cave. It engulfed everyone below and I started to climb up further. Reaching the top of the fence, the few people who were with me started to point at a third wall that was even larger. Someone said(I think joking through distress), “Someone better call an ambulance, we are going to need all the help we can get”. And then I woke up.

These are just a few of the dreams I’ve been having. And as you can see Dear Reader, there are no boundaries in REM sleep. Everything was in colour and I usually don’t dream at all. There was sound and it was extremely vivid. I just wish I knew who that dream girl was that I’ve never met.

Thank you Dear Reader for your time and patience in reading about my strange dream cycles.

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