A lot has been going on these last couple days, but it has slowed down considerably. We have been talking about improvements to the farm.

In comparison to another farm I was at, this one is a bit more loose. Which is something that I think can and should be improved on. Although, it takes a lot to get there, I know that we can do it.  Thinking of how much easier tasks could be with a tighter ship. So to speak.

I tend to be less inclined to take on tasks when I can’t find what is needed for the job.

I believe, Dear Reader, that it is okay to have fun on the farm. But when fun turns into people not doing dishes or perhaps leaving trash around or leaving tools out, than there is a problem.

Sometimes, even communicating doesn’t get through to people and the problems persist.

I don’t mean to complain, but it gets difficult. Regardless, being here on the farm has been another great learning experience. I am beginning to take on more responsibilities. Which is why having a messy work space can be agitating.

“Direct action gets the cookies” so-they-say. And I suppose that it is best to just lead by example. Thank you, Dear Reader for your time.


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