The Stars My Destination (A Book Review)

This title was nothing I expected. But what could honestly be expected from a sci-fi action book.

We find Gulliver Foyle, a revenge driven and very primitive beast stuck aboard the ship Nomad for six months. Barely scraping by with rations in a practically oxygenless cabin within the wreckage.

In a last ditch effort whilst the ship “Vorga” from the same quadrant passed by, Gully uses a flare to signal his distress. However the ship passes him by. Which triggers in him a hate that will only be satiated by destroying whomever gave the order to leave him to rot.

Through some miracle and ingenuity he lands on an asteroid inhabited by people with unusual practices and customs. He is immediately Wed. Being that the asteroid was made of crashed ships though, he was able to get off by assembling together some parts.

My favourite thing about this book is what they call “jaunting”. Which is basically teleporting. Pretty much everyone in the universe knows how to do it, and all occupations are built around that fact. However, people’s abilities vary in distance. So depending on how far you can jaunt dictates the types of jobs you can do.

Throughout the entire book, Gully is driven to find out who it was that gave the order to leave him stranded.

Jam-packed with adventure, this novel was fun to read to say the least. The gradual progression of character development was something that really tied everything in. Ending in a Siddhartha-esque portrayal of self awareness and personal enlightenment.
Alfred Bester is not an author I am really familiar with, although now I’m interested in reading his other works. And from my understanding he was the one who created the “code” for the Green Lantern which is pretty cool in itself.

Now I am reading “Heavan and Hell” by Aldous Huxley, which is his guide to visionary experience. It is short, but I know it will be sweet.

Thank You, Dear Reader, for your time. If you ever get the chance, read this book!

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