The Goat Pen


This project was one helluva job. The greatest part was working with folks who know what they are doing. Even though it isn’t perfect, we got there. It was hard work, but knowing that soon we would have goats is something that kept us going.


It took five days to complete, and nearly half way through, I find out that the goats would be pygmy goats. We basically built them a mansion. But that’s okay.

After so many hours of digging and moving Earth, we finally got to the finishing stages.

The pen wasn’t finished when the goats arrived, but we had temporary home before we finished it up.


Doing the roof was fun until we put in the shingles, which made it even more hot than it was before.


All in all, it turned out well. And even though we weren’t finished when the goats got here, we were able to get it completed and now we have goats to show for it.

They are really small and knowing that they’ll have a large enough space makes me feel better about putting in a giant shelter for them.

Now the goat husbandry begins. They are a bit shy, and tend to hide, but I feel like they’ll come around soon enough. My guess, of course, is that they will need plenty of interaction.

Thank You, Dear Reader.


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