Thinking Ahead

Today is a pretty relaxed one. Currently on the way to town, which is a three hour ordeal. So I figured I could get a post in while I sit here in this car.

One thing that has remained consistent within my mind is the bonds that I have created, destroyed, or even mended. As a transient, its hard to build up relationships with those that tend to come and go in your life.

It is one thing, I believe, that has been a benefactor to the few relationships I actually have.

I know that there is some truth in having four quarters vs .100 pennies. And I keep this in mind. Although at times, I find myself at fault in severing bonds that I wanted so bad to work out. So it goes.

Right now, as it stands, my best friend Dirt and I came up to the farm together, but we will be leaving seperatley. It almost feels as if when he leaves, I’d be alone. Don’t know how true that really is though.

Creating new cohesive relationships is my current intention within this beautiful space. As a part of attaining greater knowledge of the world around me and understanding the complexity of every single being that I meet.

Keeping my head on straight and being focused is something I know will get me further than I already am.

What I really appreciate about this farm is the way it is analogous to an ecosystem we find in nature. A lot of different working parts that all works out for the whole.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time. I hope to get some photos of all the cool stuff over here. Until then, cheers!


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