Every Journey Begins With The First Step

The first week here on the farm had been really smooth. Before the end of this season, a lot of repairs were needed. With the lack of farmhands its nice to know I’d be needed somewhere. However, the repairs are complete.

We’ve got some new equipment so that stuff still needs to be installed all the way.

This farm has quite exceeded my presumptions of what I thought it would be like. Evolving in so many ways. Its hard to believe I was apart of the foundation. Helping build the structure to what it is now.

Being here has made me realise that there are many things, especially knowledge, that I would like to bring back home and to apply to my own land. If ever that happens.

I’m staying focused, and with the pay I can’t complain. Taking every day in stride. I appreciate all that is around me. The grapes growing up the mighty oak. The red clay that looks as if I was gardening on Mars.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time and patience. I’d have photos of the garden, but a deer has run-a-muck and there’s nothing left after the devestation. These are what’s left… It literally ate everything. Corn, peppers, sunflowers, strawberries… The whole lot!


Post Scriptum- “I read the news today, oh boy” ..  and how terrible it was. Tomorrow, August 15 2015, 25k farmers are asking permission to commit suicide from their president. It is so sad, that people are forced to go so far. My thoughts are with India.


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