My Thoughts on the Youth

Dear Reader, I have been thinking about what it is that concerns our youth, and what it is that they are interested in. And apparently it is nothing more then self-serving, instant gratification. If it doesn’t suit their life of excess, it doesn’t even cross their minds. Yesterday I was looking around the internet when I came across an Event at a local park in Anaheim, CA. Doing a little research I found that it was a meeting of consumers and two developers for an app aimed at originality. I was wearing a mask, as I always do when doing anything that involves the internet.

I underestimated the situation. And as I stood there with my hands in the air, trying to get one of their really lame t-shirts, I was approached by “security”. Telling me that I wasn’t allowed to wear a mask at their private event. I subsequently told them that I’m aloud to wear a mask at a public park, and they had no right to tell me to take it off. Then a big guy started to flex on me, telling me that he was “just doing his job”. They were claiming that they had a permit for the whole park and that the only place I could wear a mask was at the street.

More security started to show up and threatened to call the cops. I insisted that they show me their permit that they had the whole park, they showed me, and I pointed out to them that it didn’t say anywhere “no masks”. Asking if I could have it, they gave me two copies of the permit, and after examining it, I know now, that they didn’t have any right to try and infringe on my rights and that the area specified was only for the picnic area that they were at.

I was trying to write a post about these youth who have been so blinded by technocracy that they assumed that I “hated” people. Which I didn’t understand. They even tried to make fun of me with a “what are those!”, which I ended up flipping around and (I guess) hurting some guys feelings to the point where he threatened to get his “set”. Completely unaware that there are police murdering those same kids in those “sets” through gang injunctions and profiling.

My point of this post is that I am just so disappointed, and that there is this issue.

The issues of gang injunctions, gentrification, police terror and violence, and corrupt city officials that continue to manipulate the community. Getting the elders distracted with shiney diamonds (disneyland) and having our youth distracted by shiny new toys and gadgets.

My intentions for going over to the park was actually to try and get to talk to the guy (chris) who made the app and ask him a few questions. However, I wasn’t able to get that close. I suppose the mask is a variable(haha lulz). I wasn’t able to accomplish something like that.

I will say that it isn’t the youth’s fault. It’s the fault of a corrupt system that was not made for us, but for the corporate thugs/elite that run this country. Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time. My aim is to try and fix this.


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