“Oh, Brave New World” (Book Review)

I’ve just completed Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World. To be honest, I wasn’t at all surprised with the ending. Which was riddled with sex and violence. I do believe John to have been a Steppenwolf. Completely separate, yet so arguably entrapped within social encounters. Wanting so bad for understanding whilst never once being understood.

As I have stated, the ending was not surprising.

Other then my personal intimations of sentiments I may have felt while I was reading, I begin to try and stack the metaphors and analogies. (As if they could be placed one on top of the other!) Seeing the many similarities between Huxley’s world and my current one. And maybe it was a premonition of some kind, but there is the utmost symmetry between my most recent post and the end of this Book. Perhaps, maybe, I am not the only one who has ever felt this way. Or perhaps, the way that I feel about some things is seen within all the connections that I choose to make.

Finding the synchronicity in life’s ever beating drum.

At any rate, I will say that Brave New World is a testimony of what may happen when a person becomes enlightened and only seeks truth and beauty only to be met with a reality of intolerance and the indoctrination to carry out that intolerance. Treated as some kind of malfunction or defect on the community.

So, no, the end does not surprise me. I don’t want to give to much away.

Most of what is being depicted, is a world of lavish living where everything is automated and “pain is a delusion” (as one Alpha Male said before he was chased away with a whip.) A paradise of drugs and orgies. Beautiful woman and handsome men. Cookie cutter perfect. Like all those nice and neat homes in the suburbs. Trimmed and taut with never a blemish on their fair skin. Until a certain Steppenwolf comes along, The Savage. Even with the birth name of John, it was insisted to call him The Savage. Not only by the people in the story, but also the author himself it seems.

With a lingering connotation of hopelessness I write this. Awkwardly the words find their way out of the labyrinth of my mind, and I thank you Dear Reader for your time. I am starting a new book soon of which contents I am sure to share with you one day. It is Alfred Bester’s novel “The Stars My Destination” Until then, cheers!

Post Scriptum: My favourite part in “Brave New World” was when two characters have a somewhat heated debate over the interpretation of Shakespeare.


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