(Untitled) Thoughts on the Apocalypse

At the cost of our humanity, people continue to consume. At the cost of our humility, we buy in to pride that exploits our communities. Allowing the treacherous arms of the state to wrap around us. As Ceebo said, I ain’t talking about hugs.

Halfway through Brave New World. And Lenina’s reaction to the people in the reservation shines light on upper class snobbish stereotypes. The reactionary response of those with privilege who do not suffer or understand what it means to suffer. Infused with the blood of the young and innocent, caught up in labels and designer drugs.

Yes, I talk about the wonderful beauty of sustainability, but what good is having a garden in a War zone? Does that make sense? When California finally crumbles into the sea?

Please forgive me, Dear Reader, but the thought weighs so heavily on my mind I can not hold it back. The well-being of my community and awareness are also something I write about, but what good is that when the media has pitted us against each other in psychosocial warfare!

I believe that some people now understand that being sustainable over mass consumption isn’t a far-fetched or taboo idea. Imagine the multitude of people who have never even heard of permaculture or have never even considered being sustainable! Yet spend thousands and thousands on the upcoming election, blindly regurgitating statistics on environmental change.

I’m just a bit afraid. Post apocalyptic thoughts might be common in this age of desensitization, that’s what scares me the most.


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