“It’s Systemic”

Dear Reader, I wanted to focus a bit on how much more synchronicity I see within the very nature of the plants I tend to. Yesterday I was sitting down on a brick, handling my sprouts carefully so I could transplant them properly into bigger pots. I began to once again connect-the-dots between the similarities of my actions in the Garden and how it could be applied in the involvement of members in the community.

Carefully bringing out my peppers into my cupped hand. Then in to a nice pot of soil. Such a simple action that is analogous in depth and origin to love. My action of transplanting peppers is an act of love, and through that action I can bask in the joy of watching them aspire to maturity through a larger space to grow.

With this concept, and through social insertion (read my post here: “On Social Insertion”) I believe that more people would find it easier to communicate and accept one another. Through actions and intentions of care and love we can transplant ourselves, in a sense, to collectively grow.

I see in this Country, that so many people are fighting for what they believe in. They forget other movements that retroactively involve them, albeit probably not on purpose. I personally fight against the injustice that stems from a system of greed and hate. That goes with standing up against Nestle and their bottling plants. The loggers in the South American Rainforests and in Oregon. The constant and daily police violence. Racism. Prejudice and intolerance for humans and animals. All while I try bringing awareness of
the indigenous practices of spiritual and sustainable existence on this Earth.

So many movements one gets lost in all the information.

My point, Dear Reader, is that we should be aware and bring awareness. If you are involved in a movement or activism, realise that there is always more going on. I would like this post to be a platform for information on all different subjects. What movement interests you most? Which would you like to more about? Let me know and let’s bring awareness! Save the Bees!


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