Topping and Pruning

As you might know Dear Reader, if you grow veggies or flowers, more nodes equals more flowers equals more pods/fruits. Thus, we prune and top our plants to achieve this.

I was in the garden the other day, admiring how much the Paprika Peppers have grown and progressed after being pruned. That led me to ponder the trauma the plant must go through. And to ponder even further, I began to understand the symmetry between myself and those plants.

Without going through a bit of hardships, we leave no room to flourish and go beyond our instilled illusion of our potential.

In nature I’m sure when a passing animal, such as a deer or a glorious elk, walks by a young and strong sapling and sees all the new delicious green would naturally think of it to taste great and provide nutrients. Although the plant would practically be destroyed, this new stage in its life will give it two options. Give up, wilt and die… or come back twice as big and twice as lush. Providing even more fruit then it would have if it didn’t get munched by that deer.

In this similarity, I find that this is yet another reason to move forward, daydreams aside. And focus on the rehabilitation of my community and bringing awareness of the importance of cohesive relationships. Growing in ideas and creativity, in the gardens of our minds.

Thank you Dear Reader for your patience.


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