Mid-Spring Muse

There are times in my life when the best course of action is to take none. My mind tends to wonder off into the blissful dark caves that I have hidden in since I was a child. Thoughts become rivers and my body is hardly the right vessel to contain them. So I read and write, reluctantly filling in time so as not to over think.

My Garden couldn’t be any more quaint, and the fact that I have so many new sprouts on the way gives me a chance to start my next project. However, I seem to always be at a loss for soil. The native soil here is quite sandy, although we are making attempts to mend it back to a workable condition.

As I have stated, my mind oft wonders to the deepest wells of my imagination that words could only hardly express.

My heart longs for warmth. Brief and ghastly images of the memories I have flash deceptively in my day dreams. Knowing not their purpose with their constant rattling between my ears. Heavily saturated in lost happiness and coated in fleeting stings of pain, I succumb to them for moments at a time, wishing for them to be gone, but basking in the familiar rays of those images that shine like morning light.

I remember a girl, no, a woman. Dancing in the forest of recollection, I am only left with her smiling face in my memory…

Thank You, Dear Reader, for your time.


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