I have been thinking quite a lot on many subjects that I have yet to seriously ponder in my life. Right now, it seems, that my recent goals have been ones that are fundamentally temporal and are accomplished by the fading away of many things, not to mention the feeling of “losing” time.

I am not getting any younger Dear Reader, and you might know the feeling. And it brings me back to one of the reasons why I have made this blog. What will I take from life? What will I leave behind?

Bringing awareness is something that I see a lot of, even if it isn’t about something worth learning, we still become aware of it. Learning how to be sustainable can go a long way, however, there needs to be a way to put those ideas into action. I know it’s not impossible on this land, but it still might be a bit difficult.

There is talk around here to move up to Oregon, but I don’t know how long that would actually take. I hope for the best.

My next project is to build a bed out of used bricks and broken cinder blocks. I have an idea of what I will make it out to be, I just need to separate all the pieces to put them back together. And that is kind of how I feel with all the things I have been thinking about and exactly where I fit in the grand scheme of things.

I need to step back, take a deep breath, and analyze what’s really going on. I see my country, and how it’s falling apart, and how we, society as a whole, have become so detached from one another. Without ever trying to build cohesive relationships, people blindly accept their faith that they’ve learned from mass media outlets that govern most of our information. Filtering it to benefit their agenda.

I will save that for another post, and I will leave this post with some positive vibes.


I have a lot of pepper sprouts popping up, and I’m really excited that I have so many. With this many, it would add up to about 15 more then I had the previous year. They are why I have assigned myself to the task of creating a space for them.


Variety of: Paprika, Thai, Jalapenos, and Bell

Thank you Dear Reader, for your time. Goodnight.


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