To The Point

As I lay myself down for yet another night, I recall the pages of a beautiful book I have just finished. As you might know, Dear Reader, that book was one by none-other than Hermann Hesse: “Strange News From Another Star”.

I wanted to put down some thoughts on this book as it is still fresh in my memory. To put it simply, it was a book of short-stories that involved very different scenarios in which the narrator would recount a type of awakening of the main character after the climax. Or simply end it abruptly without warning.

However, a constant reverberation echoed throughout all these works. All in which rang true to a deeper, cognizant understanding of brevity and the temporal ebb of life.

This was made utterly clear when a story depicts a man who wished to become a mountain and was granted that wish. And at first, he outlived his parents and then his friends. And his friends parents and brothers and sisters. Eventually, outliving generation after generation. His story becoming a myth. His fate as a crumbling mountain sealed by the forgetfulness, through time, of his people’s own ancestry.

And although it took centuries for this man who became a mountain to crumble, his story only took me a few minutes to read. Striking home nonetheless.

This book was definitely worth the read, and I honestly probably picked it up about 5-6 Times before finishing it, it was that captivating! Thank You, Dear Reader, for your time.


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