Growth and growing

“Slow and steady” is a perfect set if words to describe the duties of gardening around here. As it is, this small space has provided a lot of surprises along with many expectations and mistakes.


It seems like not too long ago, these gourds were but small sprouts. They have grown so much! Using a recycled pallet for something to climb up on.

My peppers are doing very well, although 3 of the Paprika peppers were starting to flower, I topped them off accordingly. Their nodes have already developed sets of new leaves, and I’m confident that in a short amount of time they will be quite vigorous and strong.


Topped Paprika Peppers c:


Before I topped the Paprika. Beauty!

Other  part  of the garden are lush and green and the constant battle between the the bugs is actually kind of fun. Right now the weather is cold, and it is supposed to rain on Friday. That puts a lot less stress on the watering seeing as we have a drought here in Beautiful Southern California. Even a little helps.

Thank you, Dear Reader for your time. I’m off to read more of that Hermann Hesse Book. It’s been a strange read, bit I do love Hesse’s story telling. The eloquence in which he perceives the abstract entices my senses. Captivating every inch of me. Cheers!

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