Old and new

This little garden has proven to be a lot more bountiful then I had expected. Although it isn’t exactly what I envisioned, it is hard at times to really remember what that was. It has been a dreary and long couple of days, and the overwhelming feelings of longing come and go.

So I busy myself with what I can. Being sure to spread out the little that there is to do around here.

Today, we pulled a one year old plant. It was  suffering from what I believe is fusarium. However, after doing further research, I think the plant might have been turning the fruit black “as a defense to the sun”. I can’t be sure. It’s already out of the ground. The joints of the whole thing were black. Is that normal for Datil peppers?

If you have any suggestions on what it could be, let me know with a comment, Dear Reader, and once again thank you for reading. (Photo of one of the new peppers that will take the place of the last one!)


A paprika plant I transplanted last week.


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