As it was before

Getting further into this book, I seem to have revived in me the Steppenwolfe that I was. Longing for solitude only to be met with the anguish of loneliness. A mere whimsical addition to any group. An outcast by my own definition, I am plunged into a spiral of thoughts that provoke an even greater sense of detachment.

Feelings of when I was younger. Those static and fuzzy memories held together by the faintest strings recollection. And I am lost at times.

These days have truly been ones of great reflection. Even through the discord of phasing dimensions. What is it that I truly seek? A world of calm and serenity? Perhaps. It’s just that sometimes I feel as the salmon does, maybe, when it reaches its old nesting grounds. Ready to be gobbled up by the bear. Maybe the analogy is too broad, however, it is just a way of saying that maybe I am being broad, and I need to focus on what is in front of me. The now.

Thank you Dear Reader for your time.


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