The Garden is definitely going according to plan. Which is really not one at all. Although the sowing of seed has been sporadic, there is a sense of busyness that keeps everything steadily going. It seems that way at least. Turnips and radish. All the squash you could think of using and just a whole lot of volunteer flowers. We have an abundance of “Love-lies-bleeding” which is a type of Amaranth. It’s a beautiful looking hot pink flower that droops over like a rasta-man’s dreads. Even if it seems like it’s taking too long, I am having fun watching all of the new growth. And as I have stated, everything will eventually come in waves because of the times that they were put in. Which is perfectly fine.

Beside the garden, Dear Reader, I have been active in my community. Being involved with a local Santa Ana group called Cop Watch. We were at a checkpoint the other day that was unconstitutional. Using Easter as an excuse, and beside that, Just the other day, there was a man who was shot in Anaheim just down the street from where I live. And it’s scary to know that these cops are killing people every day. For the dumbest reasons.

Anyway, I don’t want to go off on a rant about all the violence that is happening in this County so I’ll try and end on a positive note. When I get the opportunity to actually take some pictures with a friends camera, I’ll have a whole new album to be putting captions under! And I’m super excited. Also, I have a question for you Dear Reader, have you ever tried or had success growing leeks from the store? Were the leeks organic? How long did it take? Thank you for you time Dear Reader. Cheers!


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