While I’m here

I have been given the opportunity to start a garden while I wait for my circumstance to get a little better. Of course it won’t be my own project, but it will be a collaboration of sorts. I hope that planning a garden with varying ideas could prove difficult. However, it’s also what could make it a really fun learning experience. Just recently I have attained “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew. Which is a really great way to spend my off time! (which I have a lot of…)

My hope is that through this book I will be able to establish a firmer understanding of the things that I already know and an acceptance of that which I don’t. This book in particular was one that I have seriously been meaning to read. After some thought, I decided that I simply wasn’t going to download it because I didn’t want my battery to run out on my tablet. So, having the tangible thing is sooo much cooler. (I love outlining and right in the headers!)

So far, I have been enjoying the numbers. Something that I’ve kept into account while developing a plan for a garden. However, the detail in which Bartholomew goes in to detail, I quite enjoy being able to see it so clearly. And as I go along, I will be incorporating it all in to the space in the backyard. It is going to be a lush forest of veggies and all while saving time, energy, resources, and money!

As I read, I will be posting all of the brilliant things I find and my thoughts on them whilst reading this book. Have you read this book, Dear Reader? If you have, what are some of your thoughts?

p.s. I will be trying my best to put photos up. I don’t have a camera and it’s difficult to make it look nice on my page. But I will try! Cheers!


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