Quarter Centuary

Dear Reader, yesterday was my birthday and it was better then I had really expected it to be. I have turned 25 and what relevance that has to anything I don’t know. I have been dealing with a lot of what people would consider drama. I’ve only been back in this state (California) for only four days and the amount of people’s crap that I had to sit and listen to is truly dumbfounding. I know that it might seem like complaining, but hey, what can you do?

So anyway, Dear Reader, I’ve grown older. I have learned much and I have much more yet to learn. I’ve been trying to get my head on straight and I’m thinking about my next moves that I will be making. Not any big moves, yet, however.

I have decided to get my license and eventually save up enough money to get my won vehicle(finally!). But as you know Dear Reader, I’m kind of homeless and without work. I have been looking for odd-jobs and what-not but I can’t seem to hold on to money very long due to the constant buying of necessities. So it’s tough. I was thinking about posting ads for rideshares where I would drive people up and down the coast so that they didn’t have to and maybe get some money doing that and meeting people on the way. I don’t even know if that would really work.

My true aspiration as you might also know, Dear Reader is to end up on a farm somewhere and just be free to grow food and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Last month, in February, as I have stated before I had to revert back to a life I don’t want to live anymore. It doesn’t do anything for me and it seems that the only solace I ever find is within a bottle of some kind of alcohol. And I don’t want that anymore. For my self, my mind, or my soul. It leads me down a path of bad decisions and horrible mornings filled with cigarette smoke and a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m just glad that I was able to hang out with my best friend yesterday and not be judged by discriminating eyes. Thank you Dear Reader. I will be trying to be more consistent with my posts.


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