In a van down by the river

After trying to get on a farm in S. California all this time, I have not had any luck. Apparently, I don’t have the correct type of knowledge that they expect from volunteers. Even if I know about nitrogen fixing legumes and how that works. Or share my fascination and affinity for Chili Peppers. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying to pursue a life of travel and experience. I’m actually still planning to go to NOLA, Dear Reader. Which is something that I have been mentioning in previous posts. I’m truly contrite that I haven’t been posting, not having a keyboard really restricts my thought process. To give you an update, I’m planning to go to Louisiana by Feb. And taking this opportunity (with friends!!!!) will get me closer to that farm in North Carolina where I have a connection on a blueberry farm.

Getting closer to the East coast, I’ll also be able to visit Florida and visit even more friends. And I think that that is going to help me a lot. I have been needing a journey that will help put my life back into perspective. And I’m really excited about that. Going back to having nothing every night and sleeping out in the cold like so many of my fellow Americans.

Some things that I want to do this time around (I’ve traveled homeless before with these same friends) is to connect with the network of farmers that are hosting for WWOOF. During this journey, I’m hoping, as I have said before, to land on a farm that specialize in Peppers. I know that pepper joe lives in Florida, so maybe I’d be able to visit and check out all the plants that he has! Wouldn’t that be fun.

On another note, I had a job just recently that I was fired from almost as quickly as I was hired. (lol hired then fired) for a simple mistake that I was involved in. It wasn’t the right place to be and the environment that it perpetuated wasn’t healthy and to be honest, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with a snake for a boss. Someone who is only concerned about aesthetics. But enough about that. I know that I’m a hard worker and if I’m going to be fired for something that people have lied about to make me and a co-worker look bad, then it isn’t the place for me. So I will take my opportunities elsewhere, somewhere where monetary gain is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Learning to progress through knowledge and experience is the kind of environment that I would like to find myself in. This journey seems to be long and drawn out but the more that I live through it the more that I gain from it. And that’s all that I can ask from it.

Thank you Dear Reader for taking the time to read this. I know it’s not the most important information, but at least I’ll have this if anything happens. Now to brush up on my busking skills. Cheers!


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