Discernment and Creation

(a kind of rant…)

There seems to be a lot of things happening within people because of certain astronomical events. I.E. Mercury’s state of retrograde which, according to a lot of people that concern themselves with the stars, affects the way that we think and the decisions that we make. I posted a tweet asking the question: does the retrograde affect someone who creates their own reality?

Thinking heavily on this idea, I began to see the influence that websites such as youtube and even wordpress and those that are specifically about horoscopes has on the population. I understand that in actuality we are affected by these galactic events. I also understand that without discernment we are without proper care of our own spiritual well-being. At the mercy of ‘gurus’ and ‘masters’ who all say the same thing, with their own spin of course.

To me, I can see how people will be completely absorbed by the day-to-day reading of horoscopes, convinced that it is all perfectly true and normal to base decisions on what the star-readers say on that day. I can also see that people who are aware tend to not focus so much on these trivial quotes of good or bad things that will happen throughout your day and even days in the future. Another thing that I don’t understand. People can look into the future and base decisions on exactly that day.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think that there is a lot of things on the internet and if we aren’t careful, it can be used against us. Looking through the veil of opinions and the facade of lies that is being constantly fed to us by the mass media. Be aware Dear Reader.


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