Changes in plans

8rd been a while, Dear Reader, and there has been a lot of great opportunities that have been given to me this last month. I was visiting old friends and they went on to tell me that there was a bit of conflict at his job between the workers. Long story short they were laid off and the boss needed a hand. After a short interview at a really great Indian restaurant I got the job.

So I’m super happy about that. After worrying about how I was going to cover travel expenses to WWOOF, this was a huge weight off my shoulders. It’s going to make it a lot easier to get where I need to go having federal reserve notes.

I will be back to talking about farming, and permaculture so I’m excited about that. There are animals on the farm where I’ll be working, so some husbandry posts will be included. But what I’m really happy about is getting back to growing peppers again. I’ll be trying out some super hots this time around.

And if you are pepper enthusiast, such as myself, remember that super hots can take 100 days to start fruiting. Starting right now is probably a good idea if you want a head start in spring.

Well, thank you again Dear Reader for your time.


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