No, Dear Reader, not me. My netbook has been fried so posting is going to be a lot slower. This is an update of sorts to let you know that I’m still here.

It has been two weeks since I’ve been waiting on my printed directory from WWOOFUSA. So I’ve been talking to the director, Tori, about sending me another. I guess it was some kind of mail mix up? She is sending me another one today. So it’s another 7-10 days waiting. Giving me time enough for Turkey day and such. So I guess it’s a plus.

I’m still trying to get to the east somehow and everyone tells me that it’s too cold. Which I am completely aware of. But to me, I’ve been through snow storms on foot walking up mountains. (Perhaps a story for another time… I almost died in Salt Lake City in a boxcar.. comment if you’d like me to share). But keeping south isn’t so bad… and using my experience, I’m pretty sure I can make it. But again, I would love to travel with someone.

Well, thank you Dear Reader for your time and I will try and be as consistent as possible. Have a great day!


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