Morning News

I remember waking up in the morning, all those years ago, and watching the channel 11 news at 6. I remember why I stopped watching it. It’s hard to believe these talking heads that switch from one subject to the other with seemingly no conviction. I just watched Chief Beck of the Los Angeles Police Dept. lie about a mentally ill person who was shot and killed by police. “Urging” volunteers/witnesses to come out and speak. But as one of Ford’s family members has stated, the people of that city do not believe or trust the police. And I don’t think that they ever will. With increasing deaths by police, why would they?

From Kelly Thomas to Martin Hernandez, to Mike Brown, Oscar Grant and Ezell Ford (the list goes on and on) these cops are killing innocent people. Somehow finding a way to weasel their way out of being accountable.

Just like all the other incidents that have happened, an autopsy will most likely not aid the family in their case. The Police have very professional ways of turning the tables on families who are suffering. Blaming someone that was obviously surrendering. What’s worse is that there are a lot of people agreeing with the department in their actions. Watching my twitter feed, I find more and more family members who have suffered from “death by cop” cases standing together and trying to fight the injustice in their own backyard.

Is it really something to be happy about though? It seems that sometimes the only way that people will start to care is if they understand exactly what another person is going through. Even if it that’s when their son or daughter was killed.

I don’t believe that there is anything that can be done except demand full accountability. That’s fair right? What do you think about the case of Ezell Ford? Do you think that it will be any different then the Mike Brown case in Ferguson? (whose police department sent armoured vehicles to combat protesters. They sent 1000 officers in response to an anticipated “riot”)

here are some of the links that might offer some insight:

Ezell Ford’s autopsy to be released

“Ready For War” 1000 Mobilise in Advance of Grand Jury Ruling in Ferguson


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