REM sleep


All last night I had the most intricate dreams. Some more nightmarish than others. Some that made no sense. From being in a zombie apocalypse with people I don’t know, to walking through a Big 5 looking for a new sleeping bag. The amount of faces and people I seen were out of the ordinary, and in vivid color. The details that I noticed was kind of amazing.

In one of the dreams, I had been shot. I had super speed for some reason… and there was a group of men trying to kill me, and I kept returning to a small corner store because my family was there. Eventually they caught up to me.

I had a dream about the one I loved and we were in a pool hall but she was there with someone else. (I forced myself awake from that one…)

The zombie dream was crazy because I woke up once and immediately fell back into it exactly where I left off. It was a lot like a FPS(first person shooter) and I was an ace with a gun. Getting away from small horde after small horde, escaping on the roofs of buildings and climbing down trees to be met with other dead heads.

When I was in the Big 5, there was a manager woman who kept telling her employees that they need to find more workers, and to go outside to give out applications. And while I was in there, looking for a sleeping bag(which I couldn’t find) I kept walking around and around until eventually I gave up. So I left. Walking to a near by park, I seen some really old friends. I found a cigarette and then I notice I left my jacket, with my lighter, back at the Big 5 so I ran back. On the way back I was able to start thinking of how I was going to describe to the manager lady what it looked like… then I woke up.

And now I’m writing it down… I don’t know why, but these dreams persist and makes me long for actual experiences. Even if it is fighting off the undead.

Thank you Dear Reader for reading this strange post…


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