My Samurai Grandpa (Written Down and Working on It)


I’ve written a song to kind of stop me from putting it all on here, Dear Reader. I will probably start putting them on my soundcloud as they come. The title of this post is from a band I made a while ago, we had a couple of songs, but it was mostly solo stuff that was never recorded. Seeing as I have a lot of time, what better way to spend it then by being creative and re-learning.

Once this song gets better, I will share it with you.

Wondering about the name? In a nutshell, my grandfather taught me everything that I know. More so then my father. From cooking and gardening, to fixing things and developing a moral compass. One day we were on the shores of Oahu in Hawaii driving back to our families house after a long day on the island. Looking out of the window, I was thinking about ninjas and samurai and how different they were. Turning towards my grandpa I asked, “hey grandpa, which would you rather be, a ninja or a samurai?”

Staring out in front of us toward the road he answered after a while saying, “samurai.” In turn I asked why?

His next reply has stuck with me all this time. He said, “because samurai fought for honour. Not for money.”

So that is how I came up with the name. I miss him dearly and I wish that he could have taught me more. Well, Thank you Dear Reader again. Now back to drawing board for me! Cheers!


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