Decision Making

Trying to get these applications out is hard, seeing as a lot of the hosts don’t have internet connections, they check them only a week at a time. So in this waiting game, I’m winning. I’ve been searching a lot about the farms on the East Coast which inspires me a bit more. There’s a lot of activity as far as Permaculture goes.

Beside that, the farms out here are another factor in my decision making. Due to the horrible Drought, there is a lot of people dealing with water management. To me, this is extremely important. Especially in Southern California(my home!) With the affect of Fukushima and the constant depletion of fresh water sources on the West Coast, these Permies are sincerely trying to thrive in a harsh environment (that will get even worse!) by using the techniques that were used centuries before. When Earth wasn’t so polluted. But that’s what they have to deal with. And I commend them.

I will keep you updated, the first farm that I have actually received a response from is in Southern California and they state that because they live in the desert, Water is the main concern. And I believe it.

Being on the Internet, constantly checking my e-mails and using way to many commas, it’s hard to keep my mind on track to the goals that I want to achieve. I’m getting a phone soon, and I’m hoping that it will greatly improve my chances of getting on farms. Hosts might not have internet, but they most always have a phone. Fingers crossed!

Thank you Dear Reader for your time.


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