From What I See

(TL;DR)First off, I want to let you, My Dear Reader, know that this post is a series of questions and a partial rant about money (once again). I am in no way trying to denounce any organization trying to do what they do.Thank you.

It seems to me that there are a lot of people choosing to travel. When researching news about WWOOF, I find that there are a lot of “advocates” saying that you can travel at practically no cost by signing up for a membership and subsequently going to the country of your dreams in exchange for volunteer work. So who is their target audience? Coming from me, you might note, that I travel by means of music and equal parts trade and labour. When I see that these ‘advocates’ are not talking to people like me, who are they talking to? At the very least, I can’t see someone more concerned about their pocket book to be that interested in farming or even Permaculture. And yes, that’s a broad statement.

Is it that they are trying to actually help hosts in other countries with money? Is that an agenda? I have no clue, and this post is trying to understand that. Trying to find information on anything concerning WWOOF only leads me to these same people letting everyone know that they can save money. Or that they can use less money. Or blah blah blah money. And here lies my doubt. Instead of encouraging a Farming experience or a Permaculture Paradise, these pushers would rather talk of money and pleasure.

Behold, I’m not saying that they won’t learn anything, but perhaps the distraction of being in their paradise might alter their experience. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to invite more and more people that are able to travel via plane (I guess) to visit Host Farmers around the world is a bad thing. What I am saying is that it seems there are ulterior motives hidden somewhere. That’s just my speculation.

I’m just looking, and I dislike looking at the same articles retweeted time and time again about how you can save money. My view is that instead of talking about money, we should be talking about the experience we shared with others in beautiful places. WWOOF has always been, to me, a community of those who have heard by word of mouth. And I enjoy the idea that this could be a tradition to be passed on.

What I’m trying to share with you, Dear Reader, is that there is a better way to reach people beside talking about their money.

Thank you Dear Reader if you trudged through this one…


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