Programme looks for a Billion People

I came across this link that claims to need a billion people in order to achieve it’s goal of giving $1Million dollars in Equity to them. Supposedly, a 300 acre plot of land is being purchased and people can start reserving their spaces on it. By bringing the varied styles and techniques from a billion people, I think that it could be a great idea. And on the other hand, I’m not exactly sure who these people are, let alone I have barely heard of them just recently, so before I say that I’m all in on this idea, let me make it clear that I’m not. Simply by just exploring an idea just like this, it’s no wonder why people aren’t just doing this on their own. But with an opportunity of making someone the “owner” of their own land, it’s hard to really be negative about it.

When reading the article, I couldn’t help but feeling kind of skeptical. What reason does anyone need to stuff a billion people on 300 acres of land?(although I realise that a billion people might be able to fit on 300 acres, it just seems like a lot…) Honestly, it sounds like a social experiment. But hey, it could be genuinely trying to see what 1 billion people could do given an opportunity like that. And from what I’ve read about this programme, it seems that as long as you have a desire to become sustainable you could be eligible. However, there is a lot more to it than at first glance. And I’m sure that skills and niches are something they’re looking for as well. Which means I’ll do a bit of reading while I wait for e-mails and waiting in the forums for replies.

What do you think about this article, Dear Reader? What are your thoughts on an opportunity like this? What would you do with a piece of this land? What would you specialise and offer to the Programme? (Geez, I sound like a promoter.. but I’m just asking to get to know YOU, Dear Reader!) Cheers!


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